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Happy birthday to Serambi Indonesia (SI). I have only been here for a year, although in 2006 I got a 3rd winner in a painting competition similar to Gam Cantoi with bicycle prizes. And also my father work here too as a newspaper agent in the district. Delima Pidie Aceh.

There's a funny and fear story when i was 10 years old.

In the conflict between Aceh and the Republic of Indonesia, I was invited by my parents to the SI office in Kajhu to pick up bike prizes for the Newspaper Agents.

On the return journey from Kajhu to Jambo Tape using the new bicycle, I was afraid because of the Raiders from the Tentara Nasional Indonedia in Simpang Mesra. Imagine, before going to Kajhu, I do not do "hana buet" haha ​​.. I scratch the shape of the Aceh flag moon and star, then I paint red color and I put it behind the pocket cover on my chest, obviously looked the flag of Aceh moon and star which is red color I paint on paper. Ha ha...


As I approached the army, my heart seemed to fall off, occasionally I held the front pocket cover so as not to be blown away by the wind.

Then, the Army made us stop and ask, where are you going with this new bike? No further conversation followed my parent's conversation with the TNI. All I know is that the heart beat is getting louder. Wodoo ... I'm so afraid. The conversation may be for 1 minute but like many years. Not to mention the blazing sun.

And the end of it was a word of the road. Wow ... Relief was great. When I got home, I tore the flag.

Until now, this story "hana buet" I was never told my parents. Maybe after reading this new status he knows. Hahaa ...

Once again, happy birthday for Serambi Indonesia. Easy to remember for me, because only 8 days earlier was born porch than in my birth. 😁. February 9, 1989 - February 16, 1989

This link if you want read in my language.

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Thanks for sharing :)


Hehe.. so many my experience with serambi indonesia. I hope one day i want to share another story. Hihii


And thank you for letting me work here. 😆

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