Things are a Matter of Perspective

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In one of my previous posts, I mentioned that users may downvote you because they do not agree with what you said, not because your post is spammy or low quality. Even if content is a well-written post, a person may still give you a negative vote if he/she disagrees to what you have posted. That is because, a person sees things differently. We look at things based from different perspectives, and these perspectives originate from a variety of sources - religion, personal values, principles, upbringing, societal norms, and many more.

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Your use of tags and titles may change how your readers look at your blog post. I remember when I was in the supermarket with my wife, I took some photos of the fruits on display that I can post to my Steem blog. The first one I posted is a picture of apples. I titled it "Apples at the Grocery" or something. It was upvoted by a number of users which was good. Then from the same stash of photos, I posted a photo of bananas, however, instead of putting "Bananas at the Grocery" as my title, I put something like "I Like Bananas...." That changed the perspective from a "photography and art-related" post to a random photo of a fruit confirming my cravings for bananas. And mind you, that post got downvoted because it's not creative enough. People will downvote you based on their perception of things. Upon reading this, you may notice that this post already got a downvote, as I think my account is flagged, which I also mentioned in my recent STEEMJOURNEY post.

Applying it in life outside Steem, we need to understand the varied perceptions people may have on us. Empathy - putting oneself into someone else's shoes. Before we judge or criticize someone, take time to be in that person's position, because you may end up acting similarly had the you been in that situation.

That's for my brief weekly reflection. Let me know how you perceive this post by commenting below.

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I upvoted your post and checked the automatic downvote you mentioned. Appears you were flagged by a spambot their profile says: @mack-bot I'm a bot for flagging spam accounts! If you believe your account has been flagged in error contact us on Discord:

Thanks mate. I already asked them on Discord, but I haven't got any reply yet.


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