Cheat meal - what is it?

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During the diet, everyone probably wants a slight deviation. In such situations, a cheat meal comes in or a deceitful meal. Cheat meal is the meal we currently want. It can be something sweet and / or highly calorific.
The main function of cheat meal is psychological relief. Thanks to it, we can relax and forget about the diet for a moment. Cheat meal, if it is well introduced to the menu, gives measurable benefits.


Cheat meal should be used once a week (in case of people with high level of metabolism) or once every two weeks by people who have a somewhat slowed metabolism. It should not be a meal that starts the day and ends it. The best solution is to implement it in the middle of the day (after the first and before the last meal). By implementing a meal cheated on our menu, we do not change the diet plan by counting the calories from other meals.


After eating a cheated meal, another meal should be eaten only when there is hunger. If after a few hours you are still fed, you should wait until the meal is digested. A good solution is to perform HIIT training, which will increase thermogenesis and allow you to burn some calories meals that we will eat later.

Cheat meal is very popular, despite the growing wave of criticism. A cheated meal is a great way to relax at the same time as moving hormones to a better job, which results in better results. Thanks to the cheat meal, the diet does not have to be a torture, and it can become a nice way to care not only about the figure, but also about health.

A meal cheated will not result in giving up the diet ... unless we stop at one cheat or we overdo it with its calories.
You need to know the restraint in everything you do. People with weak will can completely disrupt their diet and make themselves negative instead of the positive effects of this meal. The latter is very hard to unscrew. Usually, you should start all over again.

See you soon! :)

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