A morning real story

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In the morning, I went to the Chittagong Road area to receive a guest from Chittagong. When a waiter was urinating, I got behind the counter at the suggestion of a bus counterman and found an amazing story. A hawkers openly acknowledged these formalities in the talk. . They said that sasha, carrots, mangoes, guava are all cut and it takes a long time to sell, and if the sun burns in the sun, the passengers do not want to buy. They mix formalin with these results.
Friends, on the way, we or our groom's sons and daughters-friends-family-friends-friends-on-the-go will eat these fruits. Be careful and cautious about the journey.
Some of the people who mix formalin into these fruits by taking various antioxidants, including sleeping pills, and robbing the passengers of the ordinary by becoming members of the ignorant party.

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