in life •  5 months ago

Hi everyone, i have been going gym for 3-4 months but because of vacation i had to rest a bit. Now as you know i backed to Istanbul and finally i started to gym again. Mostly me and my brother prefer to go gym early in the morning. Because it makes you more energic during the day and you can complete your all other works after the gym. I mean it's just an excuse to skip workout days, if you really want to go there and pump yourself, you can find or creat time for it!

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Glad to hear that you are back to istanbul, well i also want to start gym, but really it's challenging to start


If you start one day, you will discover your power then you will be addicted to gym! Just dont waste more time as doing shitty things in your life and at least spend 1 hour for gym in a day!

Istanbul...Someday I'll land myself there...Great Vid!


Thank you @elsiekjay and yeah Istanbul is great! I hope you catch your dreams

nice dude