The needle in my leg.

in life •  2 years ago

How can I put out the needle which was in my leg? I have tried many ways which can be the solution of taking out the needle but those ways failed.
May be it because those ways used many times so it get tired or because its new one that's why it have no experience.
Those are my perseption to ways which was failed.
That is how life goes on. We are different in many ways according to the way we are. Some of us they are humble and other are brutal. But all in all we are still in the same atmosphere with those different characters. Don't look others us they are nothing in this atmosphere. If you see that your neighbour are in a wrong way just try to help him/ her rather than laugh at him/her.
Like the needle in the leg which cause you to find the way to get it out even your fellow neighbour who are in wrong way you are in need to help him/ her.

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