The figure of a Good Leader, Fair and Wise

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Hi friend steemit.

Today I will share about the figure of a good leader, fair and wise

What's on our minds if their leader's behavior is not in tune with what he says?


Surely they would question whether the figure they had been modeling was worth mentioning as a leader. This will certainly be a boomerang for the leader himself. He will lose the respect and trust of his subordinates and perhaps they will no longer respect him.

In order for leadership to be effective, a leader must gain the respect and trust of the person he or she leads. This respect and trust, can only be obtained when we see a figure that proves what he has been saying.

For example, if we see a person who always talks about honesty or integrity, then what we expect is what he says is manifested in his daily behavior or actions.

Walk the talk is an attitude in which a leader proves what he is saying with a behavior that is consistent with his words. Walk the talk reflects the character of a quality leader who is always consistent in words and deeds.

However, to be called a good leader is not enough just walk the talk. Leaders must also have a far-reaching vision of the organization being led as well as the skills in managing and directing the organization.

Thus, walk the talk is one of the key factors, in addition to other things that also need to be done so that a leader can be a role model respected and respected by his subordinates.


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