Consult a doctor when you are sick and don't try to be him yourself !

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Assalamu alaikum wa Rahmatullah,
I send good wishes to all the readers.



In this beautiful life sometimes we get sick and at that moment we do not feel good. When our body is paining and when we have to take injections / vaccines to cure ourself.

It's part of life and no one in this world is born with the ability or speciality to never get sick and stay healthy forever.

So it is important for anyone who is feeling sick to get immediate treatment from the nearby doctor/ clinic. Don't wait for the problem to increase and visit the doctor if you feel you are not well.



In today's world where technology has improved a lot. We find every bit of a information( atleast the basics) on the internet and so we try to become a doctor ourself by finding what should we do to treat ourself.

I can't say that doing this is hundred percent wrong but i can very well say that it is better to visit a doctor and tell him about your problems for better treatment.

Sometimes when you are suffering from a minor problem the internet can show you the worst of problem all around this world and in this case we get frightened after reading and watching these pages.


So it is better to visit the doctor when you are not well. I remember that last to last year my hubby got sick and he was suffering from typhoid. At that time even the doctors wasn't able to find that he was suffering from typhoid.

He took medications for some days after which the blood test was done to find what was the reason for his sickness. So the point is that even the doctors take time to identify the real problem sometimes so how can we totally rely on the internet.

Get mature in current time and learn to use the internet to a particular limits.

That's all for this blog, thank you for reading till the end.

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