THE TWO MONKS ( Part -2 Final ) Original story by Henry Aung

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The monk asked to the three little boys “are you sure you want to know about secret light?”
“Sure” three of them replied.
And the monk told them “ I am creating magic light to travel one place to another” .
“Travel one place to another” Steve mummer.
“What for?” John asked to the monk. Then the monk replied, “There was a place called Shangri-La where no one could old nor die”.
He continued, “a place no war, no harm and no worrying”.
“People who stay there thousand, thousand year old without die” the monk explained to them.
“And I am going there” he continued.
“Why you want to go there and live thousand year old?” Peter asked to the monk. Then the monk smiling at them and answered, “Waiting”.
“Waiting what?” Peter asked furiously. Then the monk gave his homage to the pagoda and replied, “Waiting for next Buddha”. Then he continued, “Tonight is the night that the astrology are in place and it can only be every hundred year one time”.
“Will you follow with me?” he asked to them. At that time the other monk came down from the monastery and was talking to alchemist monk. The three little boys were unable to decide and continued discussing. Finally, Peter, who carious about strange thing decided to follow with the monk.

At the movement heavy rain pour from the sky with strong wind and the river was getting flood, it’s level was about to reach the pagoda. Suddenly, the alchemist monk took something out from his robes and said something to the sky. It was a small crystal ball shining in the monk’s hand. The shining from the crystal ball was getting strong and strong and the whole area was cover with shining light. Then the alchemist monk dropped the crystal ball to the pagoda floor. There was something inside the shining light everyone could see a movement. It looked like grass field with blue sky and birds were flying around. John, Peter and Steve were looking at the two monk with shining light. But there were scared and their legs were slowly walked backward away from the pagoda.
At the time, the flooded river current was reach to the pagoda floor and a few trees were washed away by the river current. At that movement, the two monks were slowly disappeared under the shining light. Suddenly, Peter run toward to pagoda and jumped into the shining light. John and Steve were unable to stop to him in time. Then, they heard loud explosion and the whole pagoda was wash away by the flooded river current. The two monks and Peter were simply disappeared from the scene.

However, the full moon night was not a peaceful and beautiful night for the village because of the violent storm. And none of the villagers knew that there was a big flush light from the monastery in the middle of the night. The next early in the morning the villagers found that the monastery was smashed by the fallen trees because of the violent storm. And the worse, the rests of the monastery debris were washed away by the river. Everyone believed that the two monks were disappeared with their monastery. And peter’s parent who declared their son was dead with the two monk, were also dead soon because of melancholia.

Many years passed by most of the villagers were grown old and the younger generations of the village were almost forgotten about the two monk story. And the villagers built the new monastery after the old one had smashed by the storm. Now the village was back to normal life and all of the villagers were busy with their daily activities.
One fine day, a small boy by the age of 10 to 12 was wondering around in the middle of the village. He was looking around the village and searching for something. A few villagers noticed about him and asking him who and what he was looking for. He said that he is Peter and asking why so many strangers in the village. And continued asking what happen and why his house was not in the village. The whole villagers were confusing what the kid was talking about. Finally, the story of the two monks was told to villager by an old man.
And the old man asked to the kid, “Are you the kid with the two monks”? Peter replied “yes, I was with the two monks last night”.

The villagers asked altogether “Last Night”? And Peter explained to the villagers about his story.
During stormy, from the pagoda he went to a place with the magic light accompanied by the two monks. A place, the entire environment was shining and sparkling. When they reached the golden gate, the guardian of the gate was not allowed him to enter inside the gate. So, the two monks asked him to return to the village and promised him one day they would come back.
And Peter explained again “it was just last night”.
Some villagers believed to him and the majorities were not. According to the old man said, it was 100 years different “last night” and when Peter and the two monks disappeared. And no one able to rectify who Peter was.

A few years later, Peter was adopted by a monk and he became a monk when he reached 16 years old. And one night he was simply disappeared from the monastery. No one ever known how and why…

The End…

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Henry Aung ( Kachin )

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I love the story, especially about the child eventually becoming a monk. I wait for Buddha too...

Thanks for support, it really encourage me to write more stories...

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잘 읽었습니다^^

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