in #life2 years ago

Weekend is here and with it more time to relax.

On Friday I get asked a lot what my plans are for the weekend and when I respond that I don’t have any, they don’t know what to say back. I think they probably feel bad for me. What a joke 😁


Why do we always have to keep busy with activities and errands? Just to fill the time? Well, sometimes I also like rest.

This weekend will be like that. Looks like we’ll have a cold cloudy Saturday which is perfect for staying inside. No walks for me today 😄


My workload is getting bigger and bigger and with remote access I’m able to work some more if I chose so. I did that for the past two weekends because I’m either a responsible employee or a very stupid one 🤷‍♀️

But not this weekend. All I need are some comfy clothes, warm coffee, good music and books, and I’m set 👌

Have a great day and remember to take a few minutes for yourself as well.


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