ALTERNATIVE! MUST SEE/DO in BARCELONA, Spain vol. 1: COSMOCAIXA and its Tyrannosaurus Rex “TRIX”

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Today we are going to discover a different side of Barcelona.
If you like the curious part of yourself, you never have enough of making experiments and you enjoy learning new stuff about science, this place is definitely for you! :)
Cosmocaixa - the Museum of Natural Science!

20171119_142355 (Copy).jpg

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While discovering Barcelona’s most iconic places is always a good start, Barcelona has much more to offer! Although in general when I think where the best museums in Spain are, I see Madrid, Cosmocaixa in Barcelona is a place worth your time.


Cosmocaixa is a science museum in Barcelona. Its location - beautiful neighbourhood of Tibidabo – makes the visit even more worthy as Tibidabo is an area overlooking Barcelona what means it assures great views!

The history of the museum goes back to 1981 when it was founded as the Science Museum of Barcelona. Later, after its renovation and adaptation to new technologies, it was reopened in 2004 as Cosmocaixa. The museum is run by “la Caixa” Foundation (“la Caixa” is Spain's third largest financial institution!).


The building.

The building itself is, as many others in Barcelona, an interesting piece of architecture! Build between 1904-1909 by the architect Josep Domènech i Estapà, this particular building is representing Catalan art nouveau and at first served as housing for blind girls. This modernist edifice uses red bricks and decorative mosaics to charm its visitors.
The Museum consists of a spacious external part where people can sit, enjoy the sun and kids can play or do physical experiments! When I was there my first impression was exactly this- that area around Cosmocaixa is very lively and full of kids running around and having fun!

20171119_144017 (Copy).jpg


Cosmocaixa is a place where children and adults can learn about the world of science by interactive activities and many interesting experiments! You may, for example, produce a sandstorm or a tornado. Fun, fun, fun!




Highlights of exhibitions include the Flooded Forest (Bosc inundat), which recreates 1,000 m2 of an Amazonian rainforest ecosystem and features piranhas, crocodiles and other animal and plant species typical to the zone; the Geological Wall, comprising seven spectacular sections of real rock which illustrate the world's different geological structures; and the Room of Matter, An enthralling journey through the evolution of matter and life on our planet, with experiments, real pieces and living beings. Finally, the Planetarium invites you to take a journey through space and time, past the stars and planets of the firmament. The CosmoCaixa also offers other areas, exhibitions and activities related with Science for children, adults, and families: the Clik and Flash, the Touch, touch!, the Bubble Planetarium and other workshops for families.

20171119_145836 (Copy) a.jpg

I was visiting Cosmocaixa with some friends and they particularly liked the Amazonian rainforest being recreated. But to be honest with you, guys, for me it was the saddest part of the Museum. I hate seeing animals trapped in small places, whether it is an elephant or a turtle.

Cosmocaixa is proudly informing about its adaptation to people with different needs, by applying, among others: The audio description, the magnetic induction loop, the information in braille and allowing the entrance of Guide dogs.


As a temporary exhibition Cosmocaixa allows their visitors to experience an one-on-one contact with the Tyrannosaurus Rex!
“TRIX”, or his skeleton to be more precise, was found in Montana, in the USA.
What makes this dinosaur so special? Just imagine – it is one of the 3 most complete skeletons ever found! With half of its own bones and without being deformed!
No wonder Trix was the main attraction of the museum for both older and younger children. ;)
Unfortunately, this exhibition is available only until 18th of February 2018. So hurry up my friends!

IMG_20171215_114223_986 a.jpg

Some practical information:

Address: Isaac Newton, 26, Barcelona, Spain
Official website: cosmocaixa
Timetable: From Monday to Sunday, from 10 am to 8 pm.
Price of admission: 4 Euro
free admission:
*for children under the age of 16
*first Monday of a month
*for clients of “la Caixa”

I truly love that nowadays the science museums (among others!) become so interactive! This is the easiest and most pleasant way to learn, understand and remember facts. (Obviously, I do not talk about the places where the form excesses over the substance, where there is nothing innovative, creative or simulating, just the glut of technology.)

Do you know any museums or other institutions that you could recommend to us?

Sending joy!

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