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Dear Steemians,

Today I would like to invite you to watch “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri”.


This movie, currently in the cinemas, is the Golden Globe winner for the best picture and the Oscars nominee. I saw it recently and it made an impact on me, so I decided to recommend it to you. This article won’t have spoilers so you can keep reading. :)

“Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri” was directed by Martin McDonagh, “young” (born in 1970) British-Irish known for its previous films: “In Bruges” (from 2008) and “Seven Psychopaths” (from 2012). He is recognisable for his tendency to blend genres. He is also a screenwriter of all of his movies, including his last one.

McDonagh made the public wait 5 years, but in my opinion, and judging by the film’s popularity, it was worth it. The movie has already been appreciated by the movie industry winning 4 Golden Globes in crucial categories: Best Motion Picture - Drama; Best Screenplay - Motion Picture (for Martin McDonagh); Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture - Drama (for incredible Frances McDormand) and Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture (for Sam Rockwell).


The film is neither a drama nor a comedy. It’s a tragicomedy. An intelligent, sad yet true mirror that reflects on how people react while put in difficult situations.

Although the topic of the movie is weighty, the director managed to smuggle moments of laughter. I cannot say that all, but most of the gags are well-written. Therefore even when the situation on the screen is tense or dramatic, some gags make you giggle and these comedic moments feel natural and not overthought. All that thanks to the smart script and sharp dialogs as well as thanks to the outstanding group of actors!


Those are the words that Mildred Hayes (played by Frances McDormand) decided to write on 3 roadside billboards, outside Ebbing, a little town in the State of Missouri, in the USA.


It’s been 7 months since her daughter Angela was raped and killed. Mildred, still in rage and despair after this tragedy, cannot understand why the police didn’t bring her justice. She is bitter, full of anger and is driven by her need for revenge. She is persuaded that very little was done in the case. Not only no one was persecuted, but also there were no suspects, no arrests. And the police focuses on “torturing black folks rather than solving actual crimes”.
We shouldn’t forget that all happens in a small town with its small community. So when Mildred sets up a war with the beloved chief of the local Police, people take sides.


There are several aspects of the “Three Billboards (…)” that I particularly like.

First of all, not only main characters, but also those peripheral to the story, have depth and are not black-or-white. They feel realistically developed and portrayed. They are nasty one moment, and kind the next. With the time passing by, we get the opportunity to understand them better, and we notice their complexity and layers.

Additionally, the story of the movie develops. It begins as a narrow and focused one-person drama. But the story naturally develops into bigger and more general themes. It shows the community and reflects on its fears, limitations, and sometimes narrow-minded ideas.

And those outstanding performances!

Mildred Hayes played by Frances McDormand. You really feel the pain she has inside, her loss, her rage. She is an appreciated actress, but she lacks mainstream popularity.
Frances was nominated to Oscars Academy Award four times - for “Mississippi Burning” (1988), “Fargo” (1996), “Almost Famous” (2000) and “North Country” (2005). She won the Oscars, for the Best Actress, thanks to Fargo – an iconic movie by Joel and Ethan Coen. Many highlights that this is her best performance and that she is a front runner for this year Academy Award.


The chief of the Police Bill Willoughby played by Woody Harrelson. Tough, “typical” officer at a first glance.
For those of you who don’t know him, he has received two Oscars nominations: for “The People vs. Larry Flynt” (2006) where he played a controversial founder of the “Hustler” magazine and then for a role in “The Messenger” (2009).


Officer Dixon played by Sam Rockwell, simple, narrow-minded, filled with uncontrolled anger policeman who uses pressure and fear in order to gain respect.
Rockwell has played in many movies, but mostly the supporting roles. This role definitely is his top achievement, already appreciated by the industry as he was awarded Golden Globe for it!


And the last but not the least - James, episodic character played by great Peter Dinklage, better known for his role as Tyrion Lannister in the “Game of Thrones”.


To sum up, I absolutely recommend watching “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri”. This is definitely the film to experience this year. The best I can do is to invite you to watch the movie and judge it yourself!

Sending joy!

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Saw the film upon friend's recommendation. Told that it was a must see in theatre. It was a well made film, but not that interesting. I failed to understand why this film moved my friend so. As it seems to have these award people and critics. But hey I've been plenty opposite common opinion.


Thank you for saying this.

I love all of these actors, and they played their parts very well with what they were given. Mildred was great.

But my problem with this movie was the writing. Specifically, with the fact that yes, there's a big conflict, and no, it never gets resolved in any way by the end.

So while a bunch of fluff and fighting is going on, NOTHING ACTUALLY HAPPENS.

Sure, we get one character transformation. But really, just one. Officer Dixon is the only one who is actually a significantly different guy by the end.

I am beyond sick of movies that employ violence into almost every scene just for the sake of "being edgy" when it does not significantly move the plot forward. This movie was full of violence to the point where you start wondering if these people felt anything other than anger. The scenes would've had a lot more impact if there were less, better-placed scenes with violence where it really meant something. Like Willoughby's suicide. It's not poetic. It's just sad. He could've had a heart attack as a side effect of his cancer, and the plot wouldn't have changed at all- everyone would still blame Mildred for the stress she gave him that led to the heart attack. Why do we need a suicide here? The man was already dying.

Next, plot holes. Like can anyone explain to me where in America there is a police station, a government building, with only ONE door and set of windows for entering or leaving the entire building, a place large enough to lock people up in? I say this because it's ridiculous that the psycho-cop has to jump through a burning window to leave the police station that's burning down just for the sake of a little more drama. Why is there not a back door he could've left from?

Another glaring plot hole is how do you explain Mildred assaulting kids at the school and their parents don't press charges? But the dentist pressed charges - when there were no witnesses - out of spite. Come on! When half of the school sees Mildred assault those kids and they have witnesses everywhere, we're just going to pretend there are no consequences because hey, she's got a right to be mad. I'm not buying it.

The movie had potential and some good scenes, but sorry, didn't like it.


hey @joylovestowrite! i enjoyed reading your comment:) first of all, i do agree that there are some holes in the script (no charges against her behaviour at the school, or the fire scene). But in my opinion this film was not exploiting the violence in order to attract public to the theatres. And i cannot agree that nothing happens throughout the film. I guess it is up to each viewer to make the opinion on their own. And that's great that they differ:) ah, one more thing. in my personal opinion the suicide of the chief of the police was in the plot for a reason - to show who he was. He was proud and didn't want his family to see him getting weaker with every passing day. So he left "on his own terms". well, at least this is how i see it.


Yeah. I have different reasons for not liking it that much, but mainly that we have to be nice to the film for it to work, like you said about forgiving things in the film because you as the audience understand where the filmmaker wanted you to go. I'm okay that nothing gets resolved and all that. It's like life, and that's kind of where this is I guess, an absurdist. Likeable characters, they do stuff, things get chaotic. The end.


haha, i really like your approach:)

Very clear review @k-a-s-i-a, like you said Martin McDonagh is a talented director, I love Six Shooterdirected by him!


thanks for your comment! :) have you seen it already?

Have watched the trailer for the movie and read the previews about it and must admit it does look a great movie,can't wait to watch it. Thanks for sharing.


i hope u'll enjoy it!


I started writing the stor after a dream I had 2 years ago, I want to post more Chapters but Chapter I only has 3 views and it deserves so much more, I put my pain into this story and I truly believe if ANYONE read at least Chapter I they would be hooked.
But I'm sure no one is gonna read this because no one appreciates a good story anymore


Good luck and keep fighting! good content will always be noticed eventually! there is a lot og valuable content on Steemit!

Hello @k-a-s-i-a ! I am suppose to go to the cinema on Thursday and I don't know which film to see between "three billboards" and "Pentagon Papesr" ! With your article I am probably going to see this one ! Have you seen Pentagon Papers ?! ;) Bye ! Ps: sorry for my Englich, I a m French and not good in languages "lol" !


I think both are worth your time!:) English title is "the post". i wanna see it cause i love M. Streep and T. Hanks!


Yes it's the same for me ! Ah ok I didn't know for the title ! Thank you for your answer ! :)

This looks like a really good movie and you're like the third person to recommend it to me. Guess I should finally use my free movie ticket!! :)


Yep! Keeps getting recommended to me as well


so what are you waiting for? ;)


Beautiful article @kasia, and the movie will be superb as show in the trailer. Enjoy yourself


thank you!

nice to give your view on this movie. Thanks


you are welcome!;)

I really like this movie


have you seen it? :)


I only watch it once

I keep hearing nothing but great things. Can't wait to get a minute to sit down and watch it.


yes, the film attracts a lot of attention these days!

I have watched this movie and its fucking good


haha :) happy that you enjoyed it!

great movie...i like this

yes off course it is excellent film

I liked it, you are right about leaving an impact after watching it and I love how the end is up to your imagination.


i like open endings as well!

The movie is looking great. I seeing artical so i understand



Excellent movie.