What to do when you feel rejected

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Fear of rejection is what makes us wear masks and act against our wishes. No matter how hard we try to make people like us, we sometimes go through situations that we perceive as rejections, and that makes us question our own value.

Here are 4 steps to overcome such a moment and to turn it in your favor.


Check your ego

When someone feels rejected, their ego is the most hurt, because it wants to be in the center of attention and, when it isn’t, it tends to make the person feel like they’re not good enough.

In this kind of situation, your ego has the power to convince you that you’re a victim. However, when you don’t get what you want it’s probably because there’s something better for you out there.

Instead of focusing on pain, identify the good part in everything and understand when you have to work on yourself. By having a positive attitude, you’ll attract good things.

Accept the situation

The best way to get over a rejection is to accept the situation. Yes, it happened. So what? The Earth is still spinning and life won’t stop because of this.

Take this opportunity to know yourself better and get rid of the wish to control what you can’t control – other people.

Search for other options

Stop asking yourself “what if” and “what would it have been like?”. You can’t go back in time, so don’t waste your energy on things that don’t serve you. Instead, focus on opportunities and possibilities. Anything is possible when you believe.

Use rejection in your favor

Often, rejection is the Universe’s way to tell you that something isn’t right for you. When you keep insisting on getting what isn’t meant to be, you are only complicating your life.

Everything is happening exactly like it should, don’t forget that. When you’ll accept this, it will be easy to move on from the state of a victim into the state of someone who is in charge with his/her life.

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what this article does, it helps you prepare anyone's mind for the inevitable event that will occur to anyone in life that decided to change their situations, thanks for sharing

I love this article with all my heart. I will never look at ‘rejection’ the same way again. Thank you for offering me and all your followers a new perspective on the matter.

what do I do when I feel rejected?
I have a few beers fortified with whisky.
then grab my pussy cat and got to sleep.
when I wake up it's all better.


I thought of that but my article would have been too short

please correct my grammar


sometimes mistakes in grammar just add to the fun.

Hi jwolf,

I needed this uplift since I feel rejected now by someone I really like and we do not see eye to eye on what friendship is.


It's ok I'll be your friend :-D


Thank you for your friendship.

Everyone should know this. We all need to work on our ego. Pride, they say goes before a fall. I'm resteeming this.

I've already Upvoted you. So, you are not rejected

its really a great queto

Nice post... But does this also apply on a shy person, unable to express him /herself, whereas people take the person for a snob

what a moment!!!
very nice!!

taking the positives from the negative is what i summarize from your post. when i feel rejected i do stuff i love to forget the pain temporaly and later i advice myself the way forward

Greetings from Venezuela @jwolf I am a teacher and your article caught my attention. Every day at school I see how students are victims of rejection and contempt. Rejection is a terrible evil for emotional stability. Thank you for sharing your experience in the subject I will take you into account and I will be a multiplier of your words.

Accepting the situation is real hard in time , while will keep the things in mind.