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There’s no person in this world that has never worked. Each one of us works in their own way, even those who have independent projects, those who don’t have and office schedule.

If you don’t want your work to be a burden, choose to do what you love. Maybe you won’t find your ideal job immediately, maybe you don’t even know what you like right now, but you can be sure that you’ll find the right path at some point.


Here are some quotes about work that will keep you motivated.

In order to be big, you need to work in a proportion of 99%.
William Faulkner

Work from the bottom of your heart and you’ll make it. The competition is so small…
Elbert Hubbard

The only way to make extraordinary things is to love what you do
Steve Jobs

I believe in luck. The more I work, the luckier I am
Thomas Jefferson

Nothing can be calledwork, except for the case when you wished you were doing something else
James M. Barrie

Work spares people of three problems: boredom, bad habits and poverty
Francois-Marie Arouet de Voltaire

The biggest prize life gives you is the chance to work hard on something that deserves your effort
Theodore Roosevelt

If you don’t love what you’re doing, don’t do it!
Ray Bradbury

Working is hard when life lacks a purpose. When you live for doing something bigger than your ego, then work becomes a huge pleasure
Steve Pavlina

Never work only for money and power. They won’t save your soul and they won’t help you sleep better at night
Marian Wright Edelman

In work lays the health, the honor, the power and the charm of life
Alexandru Vlahuta

We need to understand that the privilege of working is a gift, the power of working is a blessing and the love for your work is success
David Mckay

What are you waiting for? Make your dream come true!

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You are really enough to inspire. If your post is great then write it a bit bigger then it is better .. Continue as much as possible...

@jwolf Really motivated pot my friend & the quotes you mentioned in your post are great too.

Keep posting motivational post because you are doing great job with publishing motivational content.


Thank you!