How to find a partner for the whole life

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An essential part of our lives is relationships and dating. Some people have acknowledged this conclusion while others refuse to admit the existence of healthy relationships. But despite the seemingly bad experiences that people have undergone over the years, there is always this glimmer of hope that the right partner or person will turn up one day and turn their lives around for good.

But if you want to remain with your partner for many years, enjoying the bliss and joy that is found in marriage, it is vital that you find a good partner who is compatible with you. A great partner is someone that shares the same views regarding matters like manners, morals, and values. Dating someone that has similar dislikes and likes as you do makes life very easy.


Most times, however, a lot of individuals end up with someone who does not complement them in any way. If you don’t want to be among this statistics, then you should take the following tips in mind.

The first step to finding a good partner is to spend a lot of one-to-one moments with them. As you converse with them, their opinions, their values, and morals will come to light. This is where you will know whether their principles and thoughts align with yours or not.

Their beliefs also play a significant role in making the relationship harmonious.

If you like your partner and decide to take the dating experience to a higher level, then it is crucial to find out more about the life goals of your partner, especially in the area of career, the home, and how to raise the children. This is the primary reason why you must spend quality time with your partner.


It is crucial that both of you want the same things in life: if that is not the case, staying together as married couples will be very difficult as time goes on. Compatibility issues as regards sexual roles must be addressed as this could negatively affect the relationship later on if neglected or not discussed beforehand.

Be wary about going for blind dates. Although there is nothing entirely wrong with blind dates, it is much better if you meet new faces through your friends or other people you know. Friends can invite you as well as the other person to see if you are compatible.

It is a healthy development to allow your loved ones and friends to act as matchmakers because they know you very well as well as the other person.

The internet is an excellent platform to find your perfect partner. Although most people seeking to go into relationships don’t like utilizing the web for serious and long-term commitments, it still remains a good option.


The way to avoid getting scammed is to put out as much personal information as you can and then look for any other individual who does the same online. The profiles of your potential partner must be as detailed as yours, and when you find one, there is a chance that you could be compatible.

Look for a likeness in interests and depth, and ask lots of questions before suggesting a meetup. Take it slow and be sure that the other person is telling you the truth about themselves, the same way you did about yourself. Make no mistake about this: internet dating has worked for lots of people who have remained married to this day.

The key is in asking questions; if one person doesn’t work, go on to the next person.

To sum it up, all these tips won’t work if you are not, first of all, a good mate. When you become a good partner yourself, the chance of finding another individual who is much like you goes higher. This is the only way you can find true happiness in your relationship.


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It is going to be one of the biggest questions and concerns for our generation.
I don't know what will help or where we will end.
Fingers crossed

.... in other words, a real life partner does not exist. (Nothing serious)

Thanks for sharing Digitex...I will go through it before joining.

Nice post. Steem On!

That s a nice post again, tho. A lot of relationship tips, you lover boy. Keep going.

Really enjoyed your post and I really agree with you on that you have to spend as much one on one time where you share your passions and goals and really what is important in each other's lives.
Don't pretend to impress by trying to be someone who you are not and be yourself.
I didn't have much experience in dating because I have been with my husband for 27 years (high school sweethearts) but I know what worked for us and just like you said our passions and goals were similar and we spend as much time with each other to get to know each other and that is how we knew that we loved being with each other all the time.

You are right buddy ,but it could be a bad idea to put all the personal data in online world where any new thing coming to you may be scam .

Great tips, @jwolf

Be yourself, positive nature attracts positive nature. Fate also plays a role in our relationships.

But what about love at first sight - is your post saying it can't happen or make a long lasting relationship? And this "Dating someone that has similar dislikes and likes as you do makes life very easy." - it also sounds very boring , right :)


I don't believe about love at first sight :)


Figured that :) Take it from someone 14 years into a relationship that started with that first sight: it's real. But also, you're right and communication and understanding yourself first is key to every relationship, be it romantic or not.


Your reality is different than mine.

great have got a good partner @jwolf....your girlfriend is so cute

this is the most important point in life.
butterfly effect changes a person's life from beginning to end
the biggest of these effects is “love”

Great post!! You know a lot about partners and relationships..@jwolf

Helpful relationships tips 👍👍👍

If you wanna read the hole story how i found the one please, check @wnfdiary . And yes, it is not hard. You just need to listen yourself.

Nice post

Nice thinking sir.Thanks for sharing.Upvote and resteem done.

Thanks for update and shared informative post @jwolf
Its nice article to choose life partner. I like it. Stay blessed

posting is very good

hi my fb friend ....If you mind checking out my blog for latest posts and updats, Thank you.

all these things thing won't work if your not compatible with the consept of relationship or the another individual just saying ;)

A relationship should be your safe and comfortable place where you don’t have to keep a mask on.

i think that you will find someone exactly when you are not searching for it. He/she comes and that's it, no need to search.

great relationships post

As always your articles are awesome!!!
I am written my journey on steemit so i am inviting you to read this because you are a part of this...

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Love comes from God,
There is so much love in the world that now everything is so beautiful.
There is a person who can change a man who has changed.
So, love is not dead,

Believe it or not, I actually found my girlfriend on the internet. Met her through instagram! I'm really glad I did!

Really great post thanks for sharing every aspect of it

my girlfriend should need to read this

I've found mine at the age of 13 :-)

finding a life partner is not easy the mutual understanding is what matters

small moments create a better life along with the partner :)

'Do not get into a relationship because you want to, but because you are ready'. That sums the amount of commitments required. By commitment, it's not just about the 'self' but towards the family of each one as well. To think of a family in itself is the biggest commitment, and when you are not ready, the relationship is destined to end half way. I think, when you meet the person with whom you've thought of ending up for life, you immediately start to feel the attachment. The VIBES of love comes from within. Otherwise, no matter how many times you date one another, that emotional vibe which has to come from within doesn't come out and that's the end of a relationship.

This is really the right approach to finding a partner! Thank you for sharing, my friend @jwolf!

@jwolf i'm scared of finding love. I've been hurt severally, shattered and this topic gives me a bit of hope that maybe i'd find some value from a good man. Thanks for the post.

@jwolf i wish it's really easy to find a life partner but it isnt I run out of lack and time

We dont need to find it. I always believe in destiny. If you are destined to meet. The universe will always find a way to make your paths crossed.