3 Rules to be successful

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The only rational purpose of life is to be happy. At the first glance, it might seem selfish, but it isn’t. Not many people can be happy by only acting in their own interest.

We prefer to have good relationships with others, making the world a better place makes us happy. This post is about the rules that increase your chance of success in our times.


First rule: every new ability increases your chances of success

The best thing you can do is to gain a series of abilities that can make you an expert in a certain field. Every activity can be an opportunity for us to learn something new.

Here are some abilities that anyone can learn: public speaking, psychology, accounting, communication, overcoming shyness, learning a new language, correct grammar, IT. You don’t have to be an expert at every one of these, you just need to use them pretty well, and you’ll discover how they can open so many doors.

Second rule: good communication

Communicate with people and you will become valuable in their eyes. You can use a lot of tools to send a message: blogging, public presentations, networking sessions. Experts in this field recommend to see your personality as a project.

Third rule: the work and effort you make should ensure your progress

According to Scott Adams’ theory, you should create a system instead of focusing on results. The system consists in constantly searching for new opportunities. `People who only focus on results are in a constant state of bad luck, which they consider to be temporary.

People who focus on the system see every failure as a chance to learn something new and as an opportunity to turn every bad thing that happens in their favor`.

For example, if you’re thinking about going on a diet, losing 20 kg is the goal and eating healthy is the system. If we’re talking about a marathon, running for 4 hours is a goal and running daily to stay healthy is a system.

The most important thing is that your activity ensured your progress, because clear results will show in time. Instead of focusing on the results, think about how you can become better at what you’re doing right now and how to gain new abilities.

This will become possible only when you’ll dedicate yourself to your work, when you’ll enlarge your horizons and you’ll stop fearing risk.

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