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The fact is that;
Irrespective of the how we do things.
Works will never finish.
Wants are unlimited.
Worry less.

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Source: https://bit.ly/2Pt2Uw1

Eat good foods with Yoruba pepper.
Drink responsibly.

Do fine boy or fine girl.
Find a Love.
Be in a symbiotic relationships.
Avoid parasitic ones.
So that you can live longer.

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Know your Family Members.
If fortune smile on you (which I pray), help them.
Render the help you can to those in needs (outsiders).

Protect the Environment.
Live a green Lifestyle.

In conclusion,
Sometimes, what we worry so much about and cuss silently do turns out to work.

But the damages done in the body system by such perplexity is irreversible.

Worry Less, Live More.

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