The Trickster of Seville Barber Shop

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Over the weekend, my husband needs to have his haircut. Recently I saw this barber shop in the social media.

So I convinced my husband to try it. Because their services seems good and tempting too.


The Trickster of Seville

This barber shop got its name from the famous play of Tirso de Molina, pseudonym of Fray Gabriel Téllez (1581?-1648), who was a prolific writer.

His best known play, El burlador de Sevilla ( The Trickster of Seville,. 1618-1630), is an anthology favourite and the main source of the myth of the iconic lover Don Juan.

The moment I entered the place, I felt transported in a manly European era where Guns and beers are part of a strong culture! Of course, free coffee and brace yourself guys... FREE BEER!

My husband just needed a haircut but he got more than that.





Facial Massage


Upper body massage


Free Coffee and Wi-fi for me


All for just around 200pesos, best of all, the ambience is cool. Viva El burlador de Sevilla !

**photos are all mine.

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wow.. kato manayan mas inmugaw si Kuya Jun. :D