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"Everyone is a misfit, some people just hide it but some people just doesn't fit in."


  Nowadays people always said that teenagers is just caught up with their own drama, to innocent to know that there’s more than that and thinking that loneliness is to intense for them but the thing is they don’t know in their selves that intense loneliness is no age limit. 13,18,21,40 no matter how young nor old you are, you will be affected. Anyone has a intense effect in loneliness it doesn’t picked anyone or choose people by age it swallow everyone they can pass and possible people that can be affected cause loneliness isn’t picky.  

Loneliness is not just being alone and no one to be with but also the fact that no one cares for you. Yes you do have friends, family and acquaintances but people still felt isolated because even if they are there with you physically you still felt that no one sees you. That you don't belong. Distant from the word of internet and the word of physically connected. Why do you this is that?. 

We do cry, laugh and get happy but loneliness always creeps in from time to time. Is it just thinking to hard and worrying everything around you? I don't even know the answer to that. But what I know from now is that loneliness is always there ready to hunt you. I scream, I laugh, I try and I sigh. No matter what I do I still felt these fears. Fear to talk to people who you think cares for you but the truth is they doesn't give a damn about your existence. Fear to felt that I belong to somewhere but at the end it is all a lie and you are just a pain in the ass for them. 

Nowadays people are busy with there own lives to care for others. Everyone is seeing you a competitor but not a friend. A threat to their works but not good friends who are always there. I just hope that there's a pause to everything and focus to your time and be happy genuinely. Not being dependent to people for me to be happy, but I just need  someone who will notice that I am here. Someone who will accept me without changing a thing about myself. This intense loneliness I just loathe. 

"May your blog post don't have any wrong grammars like mine." Adios 

                                                  Roxy signing off. . . 

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You have a minor grammatical mistake in the following sentence:

Nowadays people are busy with there own lives to care for others.
It should be their own instead of there own.


yeah hahaha thanks for correcting it.

This is just gorgeous, you managed to be insightful and even though it's something that a lot of us go through, everyone has their different take on it. The last paragraph says a lot, as a society we're far too self-centered to truly care for others and we often forget they're just like us and most likely feel like we do.

Anyways, far too much rambling from me lol, keep posting, I really like your stuff