Commercial Travel at 1451 MPH? New York to London in 3.25 hours? BOOM Supersonic.

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If you’ve dreamt of flying anywhere in the world in under 4 hours, for a price almost anyone can afford, BOOM Supersonic may grant your wish.

It’s not a reality yet, but it is something that is on their radar. I had the pleasure of meeting BOOM Supersonic’s Founder and CEO Blake Scholl last week at OCON 2017. His vision for the future of BOOM blew me away. But first, a great commercial to put a smile on your face:

In the 70 years since supersonic flight was first achieved, there has never been an independently developed supersonic aircraft – until now.

BOOM is building a prototype (XB-1, known as “Baby Boom”) later this year, which will be flown and tested throughout 2018. It will help their engineers make alterations to their large-scale commercial supersonic jet before putting it into production. It is expected to comfortably seat approximately 50 passengers, in a 1 x 1 configuration. At launch, prices will be similar to today’s business class – 75% lower than what it cost to fly on the Concorde.

Fly at Mach 2.2 (1451 MPH)

At Mach 2.2, 2.6 times faster than today’s commercial airliners, BOOM can cut your transatlantic or transpacific flight times by more than 50%. The company has managed to improve the efficiency of the aircraft using complex computer modeling and harnessing new engine technologies. They’ve also reduced the noise factor of the sonic boom. While they can’t fly over land at supersonic speeds yet (there is a “speed limit” in most countries, irrespective of decibel levels), they can serve a large number of popular travel routes.

What does the future hold?

Blake Scholl indicated that the FAA is supportive of the company’s plans and they’ve managed to get approval for much of their project – with fewer headaches than they had anticipated. He mentioned that the companies ultimate goal is to fly anyone around the world in under 4 hours, and to make it affordable. Using emerging engine and aircraft design technology, he believes this is a real possibility in the not-so-distant future. But for now? BOOM is just going to stick to revolutionizing the commercial airline business.

Don't believe it?

Richard Branson and various other buyers have reserved 25 of the $2 million jets. All BOOM has to do is build it. They already have suppliers lined up. It's just a matter of time, now.

Check them out:

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Minnow, you're such a sweetie.

It's your old buddy Daniel, the World Travel Pro checking in. Now here's a post I can enjoy fully! Now if only they can get the price down to budget backpacker prices I'll surely be in luck! Hope you have been well. Writing from Playa del Carmen Mexico! Next stop Albany NY for a month with the fam, then out to Thailand!


Hey Daniel, glad you liked it! BOOM announced just yesterday that they have an additional 76 orders for their jet, including orders from 5 major commercial carriers.

Don't quote me on this, but I seem to recall Blake saying that their ultimate goal is anywhere in the world in under 4 hours, for $100. I bet that would work for you!

Sounds like you're having fun! I'm looking forward to seeing what you post from Mexico and Thailand.


Anywhere in the world for a hundred! Sounds good to me. Playa del Carmen, Mexico an absolute Gem! Accommodation is a little on the pricey side but it's made up for big time in every other way! I'll make sure to pop in from time to time. My up-vote is now worth like 20 cents! So here's a little tip from me to you!


Much appreciated! I haven't had the time the past few weeks to be on here consistently, so I went the opposite route - I invested a little money in my account, so the next time I upvote one of your posts (as I regularly try to do), you'll get a little $0.30 boost. It's nice to reward the people on here who deserve it.

I look forward to our chats! How much is the "pricey-side" for the place you're staying?


I like your attitude my friend. Like you I'm enjoying this steemit. Never thought I'd get involved in something like this. I've been totally gun shy to technology my whole life. Last of my friends to get an email, to get facebook....I've had the same android phone for 5 years!

I've always been into traveling, not computers and stuff. But I'm reaching for new horizons now! It's cool to meet people like yourself on here. I really enjoy it.

To answer your question, "pricey side".....for me, I'm paying 20 dollars a night. Which is fine for this place, swimming pool, very well kept, clean, hot water, kitchen use, free water/coffee....I just can compare that to places I've been like in San Juan del sur Nicaragua a few weeks ago, 8 dollars a night for a private studio apartment, 8 dollars a night for my room in Guatemala. Thailand easy to have your own bungalow for under 15 a night, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos even cheaper....So I have my comparisons. But Playa del Carmen really has a lot to offer and it's worth the prices of accommodation here.

Anyway brother I'm glad to see you're alive and kicken'. Have a great day! -Dan