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Am still on the series of valuable lessons of life and today would talk about importance of self belief as i wrote in my new book. just like the other time, am still giving out free copies of my e-book to my steemit followers just indicate and i would reach out to you. 

    Self belief takes you on a ride in the world of possibilities  

There is need to be confident and believe in yourself and everything you do because you have the power within you to make things possible. You must learn to diminish doubts and ignite self belief. What you choose to believe about yourself shapes who you are to become. You can never build enough self belief hence the need to keep the drive on. Self belief is the confidence we have in ourselves about our abilities, skills and behaviors and manner in which we project ourselves outwards. For you to achieve your desired goals, you must harness the amazing power of your mind which is your self- belief. All knowledge is within you. 

Believe you can and you are halfway there – Theodore Roosevelt Self belief is visualizing the desired outcome over and over again; this gives you drive and motivation towards taking the needed step. If you believe in yourself, you feel motivated to take actions. Not only does it stimulate actions, self-belief equally helps you see possibilities and a whole new world and ultimately increases your confidence level. To build and maintain self-belief, learning to see your accomplishments is very important and healthy. Recognizing the small wins along the way helps keep you motivated and believing.  Having the right mental attitude is very important, you have to project positivity in things you habitually think about. “A strong, positive self image is the best possible preparation for success” –Joyce Brothers It’s also very important to start with realistic goals over bigger goals. After you have achieved the more realistic goals, there are more chances that you would see possibilities in the bigger goals.

 There is a thin line between looking to others for inspirations and comparison; you must avoid comparison as it is very unhealthy for self-belief and self-esteem. You must checkmate how much you think of others and constantly compare them to yourself.  You must avoid negativity and distance yourself from negative people. Constant negativity erodes self- belief and this is bad for you. The monster you must avoid is self -doubt as it will surely get you to your lowest point and put you in a weak mental state. When you begin to doubt your abilities and skills the chances of failure increases, it looks to forever keep you in your comfort zone. Goals are never achieved whilst sitting comfortably in the comfort zone. The fear to step out and make changes, pursue that goal or success will continue to cloud your mind. No matter the situation you find yourself; you must try to avoid this monster. “Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win by fearing to attempt” –William Shakespeare The wrong people instill fear and doubt in us, you get told the music industry is hard to break in, You can’t succeed as a footballer, you can’t be an engineer because you are not smart enough, medical school is hard, you can’t pass through the rigors, you can’t do business, you can’t make a good journalist and many more “cannots”.  “You can’t” is the unhealthiest food for mind. It gradually eats up your belief and paves way for self-doubt. As well as dealing and counteracting self-doubt, you must deal with negative people and the “you can’t” comments you get told. You must believe in yourself and let your ability take you as far as it can.

  Spend more time around positive people, self -belief is infectious, staying around people who believe in themselves and see possibilities in everything they do, can have a great in effect on you. As much as it is important to have people who will fill your mind with every bit of positivity, you must realize that the only thing preventing you from reaching that goal is you, you have to constantly say to yourself that you can and you will. Believe in yourself and persevere in your belief, you would ultimately find yourself stimulating the dynamics of success 

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what a great article you ve written @justiceweje

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