Martin - the bird man of Westland Row

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Home is the intelectual capacity of being happy.

This is a story about Martin, an old guy living in the streets of Ireland, story about the practice of simplicity as a way of life.

My name is Martin.

Martin has not slept in a bed for many years, he doesn't consider himself homeless, he is one of the most content and happiest individuals I have ever met.

This short documentary explores the development of our relationship over the last few years but more importantly the search for happiness and what it means to different people
Donal Moloney.

Words move, music moves, only in time, but that which is only living can only die.

Words, after speech, reach into the silence, only by the form, the pattern, can words or music reach the stillness, the stillness moves perpetually in its stillness, like the note of the violin, The co-existence, or say that the end precedes the beginning, and the end and the beginning were always there before the beginning and after the end and all is always now.

Words strain, crack and sometimes break under the burden, under the tension, slip, slide, perish, decay with imprecision, will not stay in place, will not stay still.

Shrieking voices, scolding, mocking, chattering, the Word in the desert is most attacked by voices of temptation, the crying shadow in the funeral dance, the loud lament… the detail of the pattern is movement! between un-being and being, like a sudden shaft of sunlight piercing the dust in a room.

In my beginning is my end. In succession houses rise and fall, crumble, are extended, removed, destroyed, And in their place, an open field.

In my beginning is my end.

Now the light falls across the open field the electric heat hypnotizing in a warm haze of sultry light absorbing the sleeping ones in the empty silence, Wait for the early owl my dears in that open field!

I am here, or there, or elsewhere, in my beginning.


When you live little to be remembered , there is little to remember .


Wow! What an interesting account of such an unique relationship. It’s beautiful that you could show us a perspective on life that so often goes on voiceless. Happiness seems to be the ever elusive goal to most yet easily, just is, to Martin. Thank you for sharing such a touching interaction between two people. This piece is very well put together!

Indeed @puravidaville , when you live simple then you realize what´s really needed and what´s the bound you build towards the world we live in ;-), thanks for your kind words, im happy you liked it.

Sure, minimalism must keep everything in perspective.

The only thing that sucked about that documentary was it’s only 9 minutes long, I could’ve continued watching that for awhile. A video like that will get you followed, sir.
“Home is in the intellectual capacity to be happy.” -A guy named Mark.

i agree with you @dandays i could have watched for 2h long, great character and an amazing mind, thanks for your words, best.

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