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Hello Steemians
It's a new month and the last month in first quarter of the year 2018.

First, I'll say happy new month to everyone.
Hope we've been having a great year so far...

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It's a new month on Steemit entirely.

The month of March is for marching forward.

But how do you march forward with old mentality?
Old ways of doing things?

Start this new month even as a small whale with a decision to be great.
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You can be anything you desire to be.

You just have to make the decision and act accordingly.

Many of us have drifted from our plans and vision for the year and have begun following the crowd.

With the trend on social media, it becomes very easy to get swayed off our path by trying to be like someone we are not.

We see a lot of people succeeding in their path and we get distracted, frustrated and carried away by their successes forgetting that the online space can sometimes be deceitful.

And even if it's real, it's very wrong of you to compare your success or achievement to theirs.

Don't give up your dreams or aspirations to pursue what others are pursuing. Simply because you think they are making it.

This month is the end of the first quarter of the year 2018, how close are you to achieving your goals for the year?

Sit back and do a check on yourself.

Refuse to be mediocre.

Refuse to give up.

Be the best God has made you to be.

Thanks to @dobartim for inspiring me to put this piece together.
Expect more soon

Happy New Month once again.

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I want to see your desire

Very soon, you will...
I can assure you.

Thanks a lot Sir

growing here in steemit is really a nice idea.I learned something new year and it really inspired me.

I'm glad you do.....