How Steemians Made Me Feel Healthy Again

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I heard the clock tick for the umpteenth time.

It chimed every time it hit an 'o clock.

I knew it was time to get up.

I had been lying on the same spot for far too long.

As I rolled over to get my feet on the floor.

The sudden surge of air almost swept me off my feet.

I was losing strength.

My temperature was high enough to make warm an ice water and the pounding on my head was like the pounding of yam on a mortar.

Only this time, my head became the mortar.

I struggled to put on the dress that lay flat on my bed.

And it felt like I could hear sounds....

Go now, go now. Save yourself.

I stepped out of the house looking like an half baked bread 🍞 just out of an oven and headed straight there....

"I need you to run a test on me"
I said to the lady in white robes as soon as I stepped in.

I thought I was going to faint but she asked me to take a seat, taking me by the hands....

She screamed as soon as she touched me.

"How long have you been like this?"
She asked and I looked on at her, that kind of look that says nothing but means everything....

She quickly ignored every other person and made to attend to me.

What's your name?


I replied and she went ahead to ask other necessary questions until she was satisfied.

I don't know how long it took but as I put my head down to ease the pounding on the head, I think I slept off.

"You have typhoid and you should use these drugs so you can get better.
In case you don't get better after 3 days, you may have to visit the hospital"

My eyes bulged at the mention of hospitals

I've never liked hospitals for any reason and this is why I'm still down.

Although, my stubbornness contributed to it.

But I'm thankful to the many Steemians who kept insisting I went for a test instead of giving myself self treatment based on assumption.

She handed me the drugs and I gave her an awry look and stepped out.

"Why would she tell me about hospitals?"

I said within me....

Hate me not, I've had a very bad experience with hospitals when I was a child and it still haunts me.
Don't worry, I'll save you the details.

As I walked down 🚶the not so long route which had all of a sudden become so long to me, my mind pondered on what I was going to have before using the drugs.

There was no appetite.....

But then, I remembered @zizymena had told me earlier in the day that cucumber 🍆 makes her feel hungry and @oyinoza also told me to eat plenty of bananas 🍌

I decided to go for both 🤷🏻‍♀

As soon as I got home and did the needful, I picked my pen and paper and set to write down a few things only to be awoken by the crow of the fowl 🐔downstairs which made me remember @gallantmayor.

I had fallen asleep with the pen in my hands. 😴

I decided to resume work this morning instead of staying at home because...

  • To prove that I am strong and being the fighter I claim to be, I have to show up, despite the pains.

  • Secondly, being at home alone is so boring. There was no one to talk to, save the cockroaches and ants which for reasons unknown, bickered each time I made to say an "innocent hello"

Thanks so much to @surpassinggoogle with the @teardrops initiative

Thanks to @surfyogi, you're amazinglying awesome 😁

I'm using this opportunity to say a very big thank you to the many Steemians for checking up on me and wishing me speedy recovery.... If wishes were horses

It meant a lot to me.... 😍

Each time I picked a call from a Steemian, there's this surge of energy I feel.

You guys are amazing.

To @ewuoso, you are the best, ever caring, ever loving. You remain the best person I've met so far on this platform 😜

@kodeblacc, my sweetheart and love 😍.
You're the best😘
Thanks much for the care.....

@desmonddesk, when everyone stops being your sugar, I'll be your salt. Thank you. You are awesweet😍

@sparklez, You promised and failed sha, but thank you 😁

@luciano7e, you are amazing.

@zizymena, thanks for the cucumber suggestion 😍 and the advice😇😉

@oyinoza, you're a bae. You know I love you right

@xpressng, now I know you love me too 😍

@steemcenturion, you're a darling. How come we both fell sick at almost the same time? 🤔

@gwenflorida, you are a light and an inspiration, thanks much for your care.

@amec, boss, you're one guy everyone should meet. So down to earth and humble. Ese gaan.

@sola3097, I hope you have stopped trekking 🤔

@desmoniac, though this is an edit, I really don't know how you skipped my obviously didn't skip my mind as you're always on my mind. Lol, I owe you a song, you've been amazing and I appreciate you for your care and love towards me

@ekjosh, @fantomcee, @confidenceugochi, thanks so much dearie.... @peakreal1, @levitated-mind, @freetim, ex crush, @gallantmayor, fowl, @gloeze, thanks much ma'am.
@tony-duke, I know you hate me, I hate you right back 😜
@klynic, thanks for the positivity vibes
@onos, just letting you know that I don't hate you 😔.
@prechi, boss... 🙌🏻
@olawalium, for being caring and amazing despite not knowing me and for making me laugh hard

I definitely won't fail to mention @dayjee😁
Thank you so much, you're amazing.

I'm still not so strong but I'm positive 😁that I'll be better😁.

I couldn't keep myself from writing this, forgive me if it's too long or your name isn't included, just know that I love you lots😍

Sometimes, what we just need is a little care😉

You guys just made sickness feel like a good thing 😂😅🤣

Lol, don't mind me sha, I miss my wahala and noise making everywhere.

I should be back to it pretty soon😍

P.S: This is not fiction 😏😏😏

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Ciao Ciao.......

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Hoped you'd take more time to rest though..

I love you too


Resting makes me feel more weak....tried it yesterday...Didn't work out, I'm actually a workaholic.



That chair...hehehe

I miss seeing it on whatsapp sha

I am glad you are better now. I wish you more strength. As for your hospital nightmare, we shall see in camera. Hahaha
Thank you for the mention, duly appreciated.


Smiles...thanks boss

Boss, leave that hospital nightmare's a given that I don't like going there....
spits and runs away



Glad to have you back @julietisrael stronger and better. The fighter in you cannot allow you to stay down. Thank God for good health.


Exactly ma'am....

Hello Juliet
Good to hear that you feel a little better
Keep the care.


Yeah, thanks a lot too for your support...



I sure knew I was forgetting some peeps

Oh my
I'm so sorry....
I'll do an edit asap
Forgive me, my number 1

Hope we will be seeing some vids of you singing soon?





thats good to hear.. and oh... you have msgs on the other side


The other side?
Lol, please show me the road o



Okay boss

I need to see you sing so take good care of your pipes!


I sure would, thanks much ☺

Lol, i still de trek o , thank God you are back


Lol, I'll be happy to watch you trek

See magic as I am reading your post, I can feel sound of your heart beat saying your are healthy.


I am healthy o
Thanks much for the care..... 😍


I wont say anything, just passing by.

Thank God you are okay now shaa.


Please say something o, lol
I'm fine dear, thanks....

Good to see and know you are fine...

Awwwwwww.....can’t believe I’m just seeing this 😘😘😘😘
Love you more honey