Childhood memories and the rise of the internet!

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These days it is hard to imagine how life would be without the internet. Yet many of us had grown with out the reliance on it. And I've got a happy childhood memories even before the invention of internet.


In order for us to watch television shows we need to walk a distance. Since our neighbors are quite far and it is very dark we have to bring a torch from dried coconut leaves. While walking, we need to hurry up for in our minds we are followed by "wakwak" but it was only our imagination. As we arrived in our neighbors' house who has television, there we were asked to seat on the floor and be silent when teleserye or movies are about to start. What made it funny when someone farted and nobody admits!... Lol!

But these days, almost all phones are connected to the internet wherein to watch your favorite movie is just a click away! And socialization to playmates becomes lesser...worst is none at all.

I remember before, during summer vacation we gathered ourselves in a vacant lot to play the following street games.



All you need is an empty can or bottle and a slipper. You have to hit the can and knock it down inside the circle in order to win! To make this more enjoyable there must be 6 and up players including the guard (the looser) and the others are the hitters behind the line few meters away.



Usually this game is played when we are at the beach since we are just living nearby the seashore. This game does not need any equipments just a stick in order to make a line. This needs 3 to 5 players in every team. Make a square and divide it with a line depending on how many players and each line has a guard. The team who pass the line until the end, and back with out being caught by the guard will be the winner.

Tagu Taguan


It is hide and seek with a twist. We usually play this at night. It is more enjoyable played under the moonlight. The twist of this game is that we don't have to run at the base instead we have to touch the body of the seeker. If the seeker can name all the players then that's the end of the game and we have to start again.

luksong tinik


"Jumping over the thorns" required number of players 2 to 3 (more players more fun). First, the players will have to decide who will play first and the two will act as thorn by adding theirr feet and hands while facing each other. The jumper must successfully jump without touching the thorn. If you failed then you will be the next thorn.

Theres a lot more enjoyable games that I've enjoyed playing during my childhood day's. Such as syatong, taksi, sungka, jolin. But seldom to never seen it being played by the generations of today. Maybe only if there is school activity were students are asked to performs these cultural games.

Today's games are just easily downloaded or be played in computer cafe.


Children spent most of their time with these computer games. Where they learn more on trash talks. And communication and socialization to real friends become less. And for me it has a less favorable impact to their character. So parental guidance is badly needed for these young people to be properly guided.

Remembering the past...embracing the future.


Images are taken from facebook

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It pleases me when I see kids now playing those games. I don't even see kids play outside that much anymore unless there is power outage.


Nah! offline games can be downloaded also. Their is no escape so sad


Indeed but not all has the luxury to own gadgets or easy access to it.


True...sad thing is no one is playing this kind of games so there's no body to acquaint them

iba na talaga ngaun. during my high school days ang gusto ko lang maging supersaiyan ako. pero ngaun, elementary palang gusto na agad magka syota. 😅


Lol,nakakatawa ka naman @purepinoy! Tama ka yung iba nga dyan kung saang tabi tabi nag date.

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