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RE: Lessons I Learned From My Horse: A True Story Of A Life-long Relationship

in #life8 years ago (edited)

Refreshing to read about your love and loyalty for Valentino. We used to feed a horse every day that was living in a field near us. It was owned by a family whose daughter could no longer ride him as he was slightly lame. The horse could still trot as he used to come to the fence when we brought him carrots and apples. One morning we went to visit and he was gone, we later found they had him put down as he could no longer be ridden which saddened us greatly.


They put a horse down because he no longer could be ridden? Sheesh. My old gelding cannot be ridden and I would NEVER dream to put him down because of his bad knee. It's been 10 years since he has been retired.
Good grief!

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