Support for a young artist in Venezuela - Donation of a Pen Tablet.

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I have a young Venezuelan friend, well one of the several that I have but this friend of whom I speak has something in common with me, he is a digital artist like me. His user here in Steemit is @ricardocamargo and his work is mostly based on digital drawings but he is also beginning to learn about animations and videos.

Yesterday speaking at Discord, he told me that he was gathering SBDs and Steems to buy a Pen Tablet. This amazed me because I thought he already had one and it turns out not, all his works were done with a mouse.

These are some examples of his drawings, as you can see, he is a fan of the Japanese Manga and likes to recreate them.




As he explained to me, he takes them as a reference to learn different techniques and thus find the one that suits him to create his own style in the future.

Well casually I have a Wacom Pen Tablet with very little use, almost new and I decided that I will donate it to the young artist @ricardocamargo. The truth is that it does not make much sense for him to spend money that he can use perfectly in food or necessary things (we all know the situation that is going through Venezuela) in an object that I have and I do not give any use.


The money collected in this article will be used to pay for sending the package, I am in Germany and @ricardocamargo lives in Venezuela. What remains of SBD, after deducting the payment of the shipment, will be sent to @ricardocamargo in case there are customs fees or things like that. The shipment will be sent insured, I want it to arrive in the hands of Ricardo and not to be lost.





Of course the process will be tracked, there will be updates when the Pen Tablet is sent and also when it is arrived at its destination, the hands of the artist.

I hope this little help will help @ricardocamargo to advance more and more in its development as an artist. It is my primordial desire.

Many thanks to all those who offer their support in the form of Voto or Re-steem to this small donation project.


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Congratulations for the quality of your post, it was chosen among the posts to be upvoted on Steemit Community Quality Support. Thanks for sharing!

A very gentle and generous initiative of you.
(p.s. don't vote for my comment please, save it for the costs of shipment; every penny counts) CU

Thanks a lot... it is really nothing, i even do not worry about the shipment cost but what can happen in Venezuela, how much they will ask in the border?... but we will see, would be nice to have this done with a nice ending so I can do it more often to more people there ... think is one of the good things for what Steemit could be use for :) Thanks again!

A little assist for this post that might help ... Resteemed!

Thanks a lot! :)

Here in Venezuela its impossible to buy something like that. I'm from Venezuela so obviously i'm going to help him. I hope you can get all the money you need. Saludos!!! :)

It is good to have the point of view of someone from there. Thanks a lot for to stop by and comment @mariaagarcia, and for the help. Saludos de vuelta!!! :)

You're a good human being :)

Thanks a lot :) I am a normal hb what happens is that I also knew hunger and need in my country ... And here I have more than I ever dreamed in Cuba so, sharing something is not a very great merit ;)

Todo lo mejor. 👍

Muchas gracias!

What you are doing is very generous!! A man should be able to pursue what he loves and you my friend are helping a person in need just the most amazing thing one can do!! :) Stay blessed

I am helping him so he can develop his talent to the best he can, so he can produce more in the future... the best way to help someone :)

Thanks a lot for the blessings and for to stop by :)

You are doing a great job in helping!! I am sure he will do great in life!! :)

up voted and re-steemed. Hope it Helps!!

Thanks a lot @streetstyle! Any money raised here will be send to him... The situation there is not the best really.
Thanks again! :)

This gesture is superb! I always admire people doing good deeds

Wow it is really very heart touching to read stories about these types of donations here. I am also a digital artist and can understand how much talented he is that he can make such beautiful designs with the mouse.

Sometimes you can help with this kind of things... If you can, why not? I already have enought, more than I ever dreamed actually ;) comming from Cuba I can say that.
The best is that you can see what I saw when I spoke with him and understand my desire to help him... I mean, everybody can understand the situation but you can see it with an artist eyes.
Thanks for stop by my friend.

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