Perspective: Changing Views.

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Perspective- a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view.

We all know the meaning of perspective, but, do we all know that changing our perspective in life would make a lot of difference in our lives?

Here's an example of negative perspective:

Looking down, because I really want to give up.
Looking up, cause I'm feeling down.
Looking right, cause everybody left me.
Looking left, cause it feels like I haven't done anything right.

So, do you think in that perspective, you'll overcome your problems?
Do you think you'll find a solution to your problems?

Yes, it's so hard to change our perspective but we can change it little by little.

We should try to learn to stand in our own feet, and learn to face our problems, because God will not give us a problem that we can't solve. And it is also for us' sake, through problems we also learn how to be strong and tough. We learn because of our mistakes so that we couldn't do that again.

"Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently." - Henry Ford

Just like what the quote says, failure doesn't that mean that you're not good, unintelligent, etc.

So, if we failed, we shouldn't give up because it's still not the end of everything.

We should change our perspective from this, evitcepsreP to this this Perspective..

Here's an example of positive perspective,

Looking down, cause I don't want to give up.
Looking up, cause I'm trying not to feel down.
Looking right, cause I can do this alone even though everybody left me.
Looking left, cause this time, I'll try to do everything right.

And if we already changed our perspective, you'll notice that your life becomes better than before. We also shouldn't keep those problems to ourselves; talk to your family or trustworthy friends and lastly, don't forget to talk to God because he knows everything that is better for you and he will make you feel that you're not alone! :)

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