Know Your Limits!!!!!!

in #life3 years ago

This year taught me a lot about limits. Remember when you were a kid, And it seemed like a day lasted a lifetime? Or when you think you'll be able to knock out your whole to-do list, But the reality is, you just don't. And you just put way too much on it? There are limits, And the better you can understand them. The more you can benefit.

We All Have Them
It seems that society frowns upon what is shown as "weak." Having limits, Not okay.
But the reality is we all have those limits. And it's nothing to be ashamed about, Heck, When we are open about the limits we have. We can then figure out how to delegate people, Or work with others so we can all use our strengths to our advantage. When we are fully aware of what we can do in a day, We can use that to our advantage by picking out things that are most important.

Stop Quitting!

People often seem to quit, Right before they were about to get the results they wanted.
While quitting is sometimes a good thing to do, When you aren't yielding any of the results you wanted, Quitting is often the bad way to go, And you usually end up wasting your time.

You'll Lose All Your Progress

A lot of things start back to 0 once we give up. Such as leaving your current job, where you have seniority.
Often, When if you were to come back, They'd start you over as a new hire. There are also other things.
While this isn't the case with everything, Even in those situations where you don't lose all your progress, at the very least. You lose your stride.
This can set you back a couple of months to a couple of years When you might have been very close to the results you originally wanted.

You Are More Likely To Quit Next Time
When you quit once, It's easy to quit again. It can send a subconscious message to your brain, that quitting is an okay thing to do. And when something in your brain is deemed okay. It's easier to go through that again and again.
You should save quitting for the times you have to, Rather than the situations that aren't the best time to stop.