Work journey #1: Field monitoring

in #life6 years ago

Work is one way of living, its how people earn there living. In having a job its to important to do your part as an employee otherwise its be more complecated as it is.
This is my journey as i enter the world of agri business sector, employeed in one of the multi international company in producing fresh quality product. Exportation of freshly good quality produce of goods to consumer. The company produces fresh banana fruits in tons of quantity to different countries market.
IMG_3180.JPGThe work i have was a bit to difficult and sensitive, dealing with different people across government sectors and companies employee. Also dealing with economically and eco friendly environment. Thorough monitoring and implementation must be strictly followed by people to have good quality produce.
IMG_3245.JPGThis is just a beginning you will learned more as i show all im the upcoming post.

Thank you and have a nice day to all Steemitians!!!

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