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I am guessing it is going to allow you to show your followers other users posts. Thoughts?



why hasn'\t been this communicated? !
Again and again we ask: PLEASE TELL US WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN.
Sorry, huge new feature, mum's the word
"i'm guessing" is the best we got.

Do we get rewards for reblogs? Anyone know how this works?

P.S. Well done for spotting it, would never have noticed it myself!

No. When you look at a person's blog who has reblogged something, the author shows as the original. When you click it, it takes you to the original post.

yes you do, if you vote it before you re-post it ! than you will earn if your followers vote for it

I think it will work hand-in-hand, especially bringing attention to posts/authors 2-30 days after the original posting.

shoot... i tried it on someone else's blog, can you delete a reblog?

Removing it is still an upcoming feature. To me, I think they should have waited until they had that feature ready before rolling it out. I accidentally clicked on the button on someone's page and then found out I can't undo it.

Would like to know that too

You can't so far.

It's a fantastic feature, and yes, it basically takes a post from someone else and shows it to your followers. I reblogged this post, so now all of my followers will see it as well :)

I also noticed detailed author rewards - curation rewards when you click the voters list on - nice.

jesta does this count against the 4 post limit?

thanks ! just read dan's annoucement

Hi, how does your followers know when you have reblogged someone else's post?

Hmmm this could be really neat overall. I re-blogged your post, hope it brings you lots of upvote$! I was surprised that it doesn't indicate that it's a re-blog in my feed, but it does show your name of course. I think the best part is that it will help people get vote$ after the initial 24 hour "rush" of coming from their own feed, as others and especially the newest users find it organically in someone's feed.

like as twitter's re-tweet

question is: who gets the rewards ?

Original author. Look at my blog, my last post is a reblog. Notice how I am not the author and when you click it, it takes you to the original post. :)

Nice idea! I tried it with your post here for the first time now. :)

Me too. The word has to get out somehow. Changes just appear and mystery sweeps over us all as nobody communicates anything .

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