Weekend Road Trip. Snowdon, Hells Mouth Abersoch Wales

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Good day Steemians.

This weekend we went road trippin :)


First off we headed to Surf Snowdonia in Wales for an hours surf on the artificial wave machine. Had a great time there then later in the evening we scaled 'Snowdon', Wales's largest hill.

5am we set off back down, the views were spectacular.



Saturday we headed off to Hells Mouth in Abersoch looking for more surf and camping.





Found many dead Jelly fish on the beach,


Headed home on Sunday and back to a comfy bed. Still sore from the mission up Snowdon but was so worth it, had a blast!

Thanks for reading hope you enjoy the pics. :)


Thank you very much for your generosity.
Where are your new posts/photos?

Very interesting! Snowdon! The horse shoe!
This brings back fond memory from years ago.
How I missed that wind swept feeling on the mountain!
Been to Aberystwth too! Such a long time ago.
Wishing I could be back one day!
What coincident!


That is great experience and nice photography. Thanks for sharing sir
Have a nice day

good shoot @jphamer1

Very beautiful photographs

Wonderful photography, You are a great photographer

Wow All photos nice look. and great camera shots sir

Lindas imágenes amigo. Saludos desde Venezuela.

That is really wonderful and lovely post, thanks for sharing.
upvote and resteem your post

nice photo

Very beautiful photography collection

I love this sunshine picture, but all picture is so beautiful.

Really👍❤❤ great photos,

Nice, spectacular views! :)..Do you know what's the cause of all the dead Jelly fish? =/

I dont no, i think maybe they come looking for food when the tide is in and then just get beached so to speak. There were quite a few. They are surprisingly big and harder than i thought too. Quite freaky looking things.

Yeah, that's probably the reason, poor things!..I agree! Quite freaky, not so cute! ;)

Fabulous photography

Nice photos!

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thanks! :)

Dear @jphamer1

Wow. You've been away for something like 3 years. Welcome back on Steemit :)

Yours, Piotr

Nice travel photography @jphamer1

So beuatifull , I want to go to this place

Wales is amazing. Very relaxed friendly place.

are you a mountaineer?

Not really no, more of a runner than anything. Not something i do often but was surprised how many people were up there at all hours of the night and morning. We woke up at 4.30/5.00 AM and there were tons of people at the top. Crazy

waw, it looks like you are very happy, I also feel happy 😁😁😁😁

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I like your maths but im not sure its possible. Ill give it a go though thanks

Good, dynamite sees bro

So impressive photography. Your collection is wonderful.

Looks like a great trip. That reminds me I still need to bring my camping gear to where I moved. (NL) I really missed camping. ⛺️

Camping is great fun, it defo makes you appreciate your bed though. :)

Very nice pictures.


Beautiful well done shots! I hope you had yourself a wonderful weekend

Excellent photo shoot bro
Have a nice day bro

Wao what a great and valuable photography.

Great photography my dear friend @jphamer1

wow its beautiful .. you may travel once in Bangladesh its Beautiful .. as Hill : Sajev Velly .. Cox's Bajar Sea Beach its worlds longest Sea beach. and also Cent martin iland.

You are most welcome to my country

Beautiful collection of travel photographs and I like all of it. Have a great weekend

Wonderful and impressive photography. You are best photographer

Incredible photographs,


You are welcome

I am a fan of great photo. Aside the fact that you had a blast I think you re a good camera man as well.
Wonderful photos you have got!

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Nothing better than to get away into nature on the weekend. Looked like a good relax. Nice photos.

What is this sir?

Its a dead Jelly Fish, there were quite a few.

Coming to the top, buddy
With love, respect, appreciation and continuous support towards our great goal

Those are amazing views! I drove through Wales, but never really visited, so that's on my list now. Poor jellyfish :( Although I am not really keen on their stings... We recently hiked up one of the hills here in the West of Ireland. It was so worth it and lovely scenery and views.

It is sad to see the dead jellyfish. I never have seen them. I had the chance to visit beaches only 2 times in my life. And both were successful. Thanks for the post after a long time. Nice to see your visit last weekend. Indeed, I am going to celebrate 3 years here this month. So wished to chat with you about several projects I am working on.

Happy to see your support for me. I tried to reach you on discord and steem.chat. But looks you are not using them?

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페이지의 소중한 게시물에 감사드립니다.
나는 사랑과 존경, 독점, 인종 차별, 차별이없는 당신과 함께 공동체에 여기에있어서 감사합니다. 이것은 우리가 사랑, 감사, 존중 및 협력을 필요로하는 것입니다
내 페이지에 참여하고 저를 영구적으로 지원하게되어 기쁩니다.

I hope you enjoyed the trip and repeated it in the past period, despite the circumstances that the world knows because of the epidemic. We have longed for such valuable publications to return to publish my greetings.

I'm grateful to be here with you in this community, and I hope we'll always be helpful.
And we support each other with love and appreciation.

Wow what a coincidence im going to visit Wales too this summer (if the airports open up....) Im extremely stoked about it and your pictures increased my excitement even more.

Do you have any travel tips for Wales? Any nice areas I NEED to visit?

Im not that up on wales to be honest. snowdon is a cool place for walking. Hells mouth and abosoch if you like beaches and boats and such. Other than that not sure tenby was cool too, wales is just beautiful all over really.

@jphamer1 can I please talk to you?

That’s true

Buenas tardes amigo @jphamer1 deseo que se encuentre bien al igual que su familia y que tenga un feliz inicio de semana . Se le saluda desde Venezuela. Feliz tarde amigo.

Great and very very nice photography my dear friend

What an extraordinary and significant photography. All photographs looks great.

waw, amazing, we are waiting for your next post

Beautiful Nature Photography Sir.

thank you friend for your support in my grateful publication always god bless you !! Greetings from Venezuela

Wow, what a landscape! Enjoy the mountains, and thanks for sharing!

Wow! Very nice and crispy photos there man. I really love to see your trip. It is indeed a spectacular view! 😊
I also like to click photos and sometimes I share them with my actifit posts.

stay well and keep it going.

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nice picture

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Dear @jphamer1

I just decided to visit your profile and see if you're still active I don't remember seeing you around lately.

I really hope you didn't give up on Steemit yet. It has been quite a while since your last publication.

Hope you're okey there.

all sunset picture is nice to see. and sad to see the dead body of jelly fish

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you so great

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hi @jphamer1 can I get your discord?

Hope to see more of your content post. You are doing a great job here too.

Wao muy bonita la foto amigo

Wow so great work and excellent photography sir.

I am new here in society
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I hope you support me in everything with love and respect my regards

I am new here in society
Better steemit or hive
I hope you support me in everything with love and respect my regards

beautiful, sir, I'm glad to see it

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It's so nice and beautiful. The vast nature always seems to be the truth.

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Wow, photography is so great. When I hear about Wales, one thing always pops into my head is Gareth Bale.
I liked your post, I wish I can travel like you😊

Enjoyed it to the fullest you made my day full of happiness and joy

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Wow muy hermosas tus fotografias amigo, saludos desde Venezuela.

How are you doing recently jphamer ? Very interesting jellyfish to see tho :)

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Cheers what an interesting and good pictures you took there so captivating and interesting to watch hope and which I get to visit such places in the future 😌
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Mind blowing photography, 3rd picture is awesome

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Thanks for your support dear sir @jphamer1

Nice photography and good information keep on going!!!!

Nice photos good work keep it up

Wonderful photography you should post more I really like the pictures and the information nice

Nice article keep it up

Very beautiful photo @jphamer1

Wow really appreciate sir your great photography and article.