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Buying unnecessary things, throwing left overs, not eating what is serve in the table, and not appreciating those things that we have. Sometimes we are not contented of the things what we have . But while we are throwing or destroying all those things, have it ever crossed in our mind that there are people out there who are not eating 3 times a day? Those who cannot eat a meat or even a cup of rice the whole day and those children who need to share a small pack of milk. Those children playing in the sand without clothes or even a pair of slipper. And those people who can’t take a bath comfortably because the half of their body is exposed because their bathroom has no cover at all and their well is about to run out of water.

During our community we met this two family who lives in one house who has the same story and situation.And after I heard their story I suddenly realized that I’m so blessed in all aspects of life. And I thank and praise God for all those blessings. Actually of all us should be thankful and contented of what we have because we are lucky, we are blessed.


I hope that even with these small amout of goods that we gave to them would make them smile and realize that there is still hope. ( I decided not to post their picture)