Heaven is a World of Love

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'The world breaks everyone, and many are strong in the broken places.' - Ernest Hemingway

At the end of 2017, I prayed my heart would be reopened to love and to possibility, that my broken heart would be healed. What I have found on the other side of that prayer is an answer - joy, flow, self-worth, peace, and love. The things I love that I gave up in the pursuit of permanence never left me; I merely needed to allow myself to enjoy them once again. 2018 has since been a process of the healing that I had prayed for at the beginning of 2017. And I find that I am surrounded by a world of love.

Happy Valentine's Day,


Video Credit: Direct & Elliot Berger - Anticipation

Title Inspired by: "Heaven, a World of Love," by Jonathan Edwards


glad @joshpeterson that your all those wishes came true , and that you are in place where you are happy and cherishing all those lovely moments , keep growing in a world of love , stay bless , happy valentines too : )

good for you, taking back your life and finding strength in the things that make your world unique to you and you alone. the last line you wrote is so powerful: "And I find that I am surrounded by a world of love". this is so so true - and we too often forget this. so thanks for the reminder :) and happy valentines day to all!

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