Mr robot fanatics: Who is Evil corp in our reality?

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If you are a lover of mr robot or just see it ocasionally ,you might hear  about evil corp. The company that has control of the world and  is the principal enemy of elliot and f-society in mr. robot.

I think that in the real world there are companies that can play the role of E-corp in the near future and can take the control our lifes.


I have two candidates for this:

JP Morgan Chase:

I think that JP Morgan can take the rol of Evil corp, because is one of the biggest financial institutions of the world. They actually manage most of investment and debts in america. And they have  intentions to control the financial world.  They recently bought: actions the Brazilian government and then sold them a lower price to shrink the brazilian economy for their own interests. 

So they have the money and the ambition to be Evil corp.


Google is that kind of company that slowly has taken the control of our information and technology management.   Their gigantic and continuos growing in different economical sectors and the impication of google product in our lives are increasing their power over the world. I think in a near  future (20 years from now) Google will manage most of the technology adquisition in the world

Of course if we have a potential evil corp in the world, we need a f-society to save us. So  Who could be f-society in our reality? I will talk about this in another post.

I like that you  post  opinions about other companies   that you think might play the evil corp´s role . 

 thank you for reading and upvote! :)