Would You Risk Being Detained In North Korea

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If you're anything like me, you know some of the stories of United States citizens being detained in North Korea. The most recent one is still making headlines.

A place where pictures are almost forbidden, one photographer defied all rules and fear by sneaking a couple SD cards for us to appreciate what his camera has captured.

Photographer Eric Lafforgue is the daredevil who was able to sneak the photos and down below are two links. The first is to a site that highlight mainly on these forbidden pictures with quotes to go with from his own experience at that precise moment. The second link is an youtube link that gives us more of an in depth look of North Korea.



I wouldn't risk anything.

What a powerful sharing you are giving us a sneak peak of a life under control, far from our decentralization and empowered citizens. Thank you so very much for it all, we all gain from knowing what this sort of governing leads to.

Namaste :)

it sad that they have money to make weapons and propaganda while their people are eating grass, that photo broke my heart, and having kids working on farm is child labor

Seems like a bad place to get detained

Very interesting video.

Just another Communist paradise. And Bernie Sanders want to duplicate that success in the US. Go figure!

I don't know what to believe any more, there is so much corruption who's right who's wrong whats real? lol

I would not risk it but big ups to the man who did. That sir is what you call courage.

I don't think there's a worse place to live on the entire planet.

I feel so bad, even with the little knowledge I have. But I have hope that Kim Jong Un, and all his ilk, will get what's coming to him.

What a topic have you selected for your post, no body will take risk being detained in North Korea.

You say nobody, yet there are Americans in N. Korean prisons as we speak. I am guessing that certain religious missionaries would say it's their "calling". I would imagine that many reporters believe that they have a duty.

I work in the oil field, I could make a TON more money going to a middle eastern country to work, but.....Money isn't EVERYTHING. NO, not going.

thanks for sharing this wonderful post. keep it up Dear @joseph

They have semi-clandestine concentration camps in the DRK a la Auschwitz and Ravensbruck. The fact that the world has yet to stop this ceaseless cruelty says loads about the state of the world and why another Holocaust is bound to happen if it hasn't already done so.

No I would never dare take this kind of risk. Hats off to this braveheart

I tend not to believe anything these 'dick-waggers' occupying the Oval Office says every four and eight years. It is the same tiring instigation narrative given us.

Thats amazing..
Thankx for sharing with us such a beautiful post

This post in itself is terrifying. But for some, including me, this makes NK a curious place to visit to.

I think being detained anywhere in the world without my permission would be scary. It’s not just North Korea. Yes the country, from what I’ve heard maybe is cruel to detainee however being detained anywhere, unless I have committed wrong, would be scary.

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Are these for real? This is serious and something needs to be done about it. The value for life has eroded. Life is not worth much these days.
It is well
Thanks for sharing

Wow I don’t heard before such things

Hats off.! for such a topic its really threating to be detained in North Korea considering the Past few months geo political tensions.

I am reminded of the yin and the yang, balance, respect. A magnet has north and south. One object has two ends that cannot touch, they repel each other; yet, both are required.

So, it is with all these cultures, North Korea included. That which we do not like, agree, or accept; yet, it MUST exist.

And, for balance, everything and everyone MUST remain within their boundaries. Yin must not invade the yang, and the yang must not invade the yin. Therefore, all measures and actions must have this goal.

North Koreans choose a way of life, just as everyone else. We all must respect the choices of other peoples, and use diplomacy as demonstration of our civility; as war is barbaric. No country is without its own inhumanity. And, the real world is not necessarily the way governments and media report.

In the photos, I see peacefulness in these peoples' eyes, in their posture. They have the right to live as they choose, and it is good to get to see, experience their culture; without imposing. Good job!

I'm living in russian town Khabarovsk,it's about 1200 kilometers away from Pyongyang,a lot of workers from North Korea are working here illegaly,so the cheap drugs coming from they.

Hey Jospeh, there was a time a decade that North Korea was going to open up a special zone and use foreign currencies and have a Chinese person head it up. I remember wanting to go to North Korea.
Alas, after what happened to poor Otto Warmbier, it no longer seems safe.
Thanks for the post. I’ve upvoted five of your most recent posts and followed you. Please do the same for me. Thanks!


I am impressed with vote results but I personally have no reason to go there !

I would like to go there. Just follow the rules. It's probably safer than Detroit

I see your next post keep it up and good post

Nice information
Thanks for sharing

Wow..i like your post @joseph

I am not American so would feel a bit safer but Those psychos in NK can never be trusted...

Very good work. I like your work. Thanks for sharing

thanks for sharing. I am always fascinated by the remoteness and isolation of North Korea. This guy here also posted some incredible pics: https://imgur.com/gallery/21eQj

Good job @joseph Keep up all the great work! You rock!

this photographer is really courageous to have done this...takes more than guts.... nice one for sharing all those photos and video

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This photo gives pain. Why we people make weapons while money can be used in good purpose

nice post buddy

Awesome article! I just started my own. It's about my journey across the world over 4 years! Check it out! I hope you enjoy it.

I personally think that is is important to show the world what the reality of normal working people in DPR korea looks like. The regime just ruined that country and the brainwashing is unforgettable. By the way, some time ago I read or saw a video about people in North Korea, who voluntarily work with some foreign journalists by filming the reality of north korea and then passing it to the journalists. I would give you a link, but I cannot really remember where I read it/heard it.

Please help in funding in the sector of the education

Please help in funding in the sector of the education

This would not be my ideal holiday destination..

North Korea is going to be dangerous!

No way man....I just don't think it's worth it.

Look at Otto Warmbier. Man. So many people were saying it was his fault and he deserved it, but really? Punished like that for such a tiny thing?

When he was finally released, he died at home. There have been so many theories on what really went down when he was detained.

Man I just think it's totally fucked up. No way, no how I'll ever step foot in North Korea.

are to be are not to be

This is an incredible piece ... thank u

Thank you so much for this good info

this guy is just crazy, i wouldnt try something like this knowing what Kim jong un can do and the way he doesnt like outsider exposing korea problems. am also impressed that he got away with it and wasnt caught. nut head crazy guy

The other day I saw a documentary about Korea, the matter is, they are so hermetic that I can not know if what they tell me about them is reality or not.

north korean regime has a big propaganda machine that sell them as the greatest nation o earth while the rest are envious of them, saw a documentary of one lady who escape north korea and she had a hard time trying to understand how the world can throw away food. she said it took her time to adjust to freedom cause she was alway afraid she might be reported if she did something wrong and end up in the gulags

Yes, it is another reality that these people live.

That's a fascinating question to ask :D Though being an Indian, I would certainly love to visit Pakistan, even if that means risking being detained. I once went there (with proper paperwork and all) and I really enjoyed visiting the country for it has been historically linked with ours until 1947.

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Would you risk getting detained in North Korea?

Noooooooopppppeee!! To tell the truth, I wouldn't risk getting detained in America, compared to the UK American justice is crazy scary.

North Korea however, is off the chart for scary; I'd be worried if I was going there as a foreign diplomat, let alone a random tourist. This guy did it to get famous, and unfortunately he has got his wish.

I hope he, along with the millions of North Koreans, will one day be set free.


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@jospeh this is interesting and sad at the same time. But the hope in faith and interest to create a better world will put on communities, that will hopefully have more power than any corrupt organization. Bless up!

Amazing post..

Muy interesante el post.

Thank you for sharing, those photos were really cool.
I am glad he was able to get then safely out of the county. Its impressive how many things are forbidden over there!

I would not.

There is no way at all that I would voluntarily go to N. Korea, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, ANY middle eastern nation, Venezuela, China and many others that I am probably not even thinking about right now.

As a freedom loving American, I don't think we should make any laws that say that you, if you want, can't go anywhere you want to go, but, I think we need to say that if you go to many nations that are hostile to America then you are on your own when and if something should happen.

Nort korean the power of asia

Great pictures! Very daring!! It's sad that in 2017 we still find places like that :(

This is so eye opening.

Interesting photos, but only a very foolish person goes to the Hermit Kingdom and has any reasonable expectation of coming home. Literally anything can get you imprisoned or even executed in North Korea.

Its a hell.... its all require a guts and Eric have it..... good post

Well, I guess it's really depending on a person's need. For whatever reason they need to be there, there will be. Of course, most of the people would not risk it but, if it's necessary, you can't avoid.

Certainly not worth the risk of imprisonment, especially in a North Korean facility! While both North and South Korea have great natural beauty, the South is looking like the more....sensible, option. Intriguing article!

Your Post is awesome, Thnx for sharing :)

Oh my.. this still reminds me of that movie about North Korea and some testimonies of people from North Korea who had been trying their best to get out of the country.

Now what will happen to that photographer?

may not think of it, terrible, but i would not like to be anywhere !

Cute Cat Cubs...

There is no way that I would take one single step into North Korea to fund their nuclear program from tourism. While people are staving... Thanks for sharing :)

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