Woman Falls In Love With Homeless Man And Now They're Happily Married

in life •  last year

She was sitting on a bench in Amsterdam waiting for a friend when a stranger walked up to her and asked her for the time.

Credit: This Morning / YouTube

Emmy Abrahamson never imagined that the love of her life would be a hairy, homeless man. But that's the beauty of love.

Considering there was a big clock right in front of them, she thought it to be a bit cheesy when he asked for the time.

She told This Morning that she knew straight away he was homeless. "He was very dirty, and his beard was bigger then," she said.

"I also noticed that he had the most beautiful brown eyes."

Even though he wasn't up to par on his hygiene, Vic and Emma had a great time together so he decided to make plans for the following Saturday at the same time, at the same bench.

The first of many.

The two are now happily married with two beautiful children.

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I can just imagine the look on her parents faces when she brought him home and said "Look what I found in the park!"



Soul connections are eternal, life unfolds in mysterious ways.


Sometimes pleasant packages don't always come in the right pack,we have to accept people the way we see them and not discriminating

That must make her old boyfriends feel pretty lousy!

They're thinking "what's he got that I haven't got ? ... he ain't even got shit !! " (-:

Emma was her name on that day
He didn't look anymore clean or shaven with the sun's ray
But I'd bet she looked past his indecent way
And locked up his heart to her pay
It's now a beautiful saturday
With the children smiling like it's may
Vic pull the chords of her heart then with a sway
Saying "You are my definition of love everyday"

Nice story. I love this.

Loves conquers all..
Love Is all we need...am not amazed...where ever there is love, there is life.

the ways of love are unknown, it can appear at any time and in any place, a great story.

Awe! What a sweet sweet story 💜💛💚

Love is real and comes from everywhere, and sometimes nowhere. That is why it is so special. Glad to hear that real shit happens to real people.

Love is a natural alignment of lifestyle choices and values between two people. Unlike compatibility give birth to love on a bench.

What an amazing story. It is stories like this only that bring shope back into the hearts lacking. This is beautiful and uplifting. Thank you for sharing this heartfelt story!

Happy Steeming

Love is so dear friend @joseph, many times is around the corner, at least you think there is present, maybe you look for a lifetime and never find it, without emgargo one day you take two steps and love ahillego !!!
Excellent post dear friend, many grace spor share
I wish you a great day

Twists of life
Things like this happens a lot

what an inspiring love story dear @joseph , love is really magical , it doesn't look on what's the status in life is , love will always find it's way , thanks for sharing this story 👍👏😍❤️❤️❤️

and how is she enjoying the homeless lifestyle?

can never tell where destiny leads you.

This story shows that real love goes beyond any barriers , you just have to open your heart . It does not matter where you come from , and what ethnic group you belong to or what religion you believe in or your social status. We are all human we bleed red. Thanks for sharing this amazing story.

A wonderful story!

Aw, that is wonderful! <3

When love hits you itvmakes you do the unimaginable.....congrats to them so happy for them.