Widow Donates Husband's Face In Transplant Surgery

in life •  11 months ago

Andy Sandness went a decade without a face until a widow donated her husband's face via transplant.


Andy Sandness tried to commit suicide in 2006 back in his Wyoming home. According to reports he put a rifle underneath his chin and pulled the trigger destroying and shattering most his face. Before the tragic event took place, Sandness life was full of hunting, fishing, and spending as much time as he could outdoors enjoying life.

Calen " Rudy " Ross is the person who agreed to donate his organs when he passed. A picture of him down below.

Calen Ross, who ended his life by form of suicide, also lived the same way Sandness did with his passion for hunting and fishing. According to the doctors who were checking for matches; blood type, facial structure, and skin color were such a match, they could have been related.

Lily Ross, widow to Calen Ross, had agreed to donate her deceased husband's face to Andy Sandness. Sixteen months after the transplant surgery she reached out and touched the face of her high school sweetheart on another man's body.

Even though he was blessed to receive a new face and to have an successful surgery, Sandness still has to go through the training process of speaking and getting his nerves to sync in with his face. And of course getting used to the man in the mirror.

According to reports he's slowly gaining his confidence back and climbing up the ladder of success. He was even given a promotion in his field of work. Sandness also told reporters that he knew this surgery was truly a success when a toddler looked over at him and wasn't greeted by shock and discomfort.

Before and after picture of Andy Sandness.


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This was a kind and selfless act and i hope his quality of life improves with receiving the transplant. My mother took her life in the same fashion. I hope Mr. Sadness has put to rest his demons.


@wandrnrose7 I'm sorry to read about your mother, truly. I agree with your opinion on it being a kind and selfless act. I read in the article that one of the reasons she was happy to do it was because she can show her children how their father helped others by giving parts of himself to the world.


Thank you for the kindness. The article stirs may emotions, and I feel she did a great thing for the man. The healing for both is evident in the one kind act. Her husband's legacy will forever live on now.


নিচেvai nice


@wandrnrose7 we as individuals have to take it into our own accord to spread love, peace and happiness. Mother nature is crying out for it. As I am.

This is kinda creepy. No way would I want some one to have my wife's face, just weird.

nice post

This is incredible I did not know that you can plant faces over. Hearts, kidneys ect. but I really did not know about faces.

WoW! This is a happy ending to a sad story. New medical science is a blessing. Thank you for sharing. Best wishes, - @splendorhub

thanks for shareing

There's been so much awful news this year that it's nice to find some uplifting stories. Thanks for this one.

very bad look on post steemit

God Bless them

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What a wonderful story!


This story is wonderful only to read, but to live in it is scary!

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wow nice post i like it


Science/Medicine can be so amazing. This man has a new chance with a new face and I hope he runs with it and helps others face hardships as he has overcome by the kindness of a woman in her loss. There have been several successful facial transplants in the past and hopefully his will be a true success both physically and mentally.

Love and Humanity still exit. My Salute to her.

Humanity really exist. That's really a great story.

Wooo that's a new piece of knowledge, thanks for sharing buddy :)

Hi @joseph I hope you can really rebuild your face many successes are really beautiful! I am from Venezuela . Greetings I will vote for you and I will follow you supporting kisses.


Hi @karchady, I hope I get this right...
Saludo a usted y todo Venezuela. I'll keep an eye out for your posts.

Wow what an amazing second chance for him, it is incredible what modern medicine can do. It must be so surreal for the window to see her husbands face on another man, I can't even imagine!! Thanks for posting, I learned something new today. I am going to check out your page, I bet its awesome!

Happy end on such a sad story.

Wow!! What an AMAZING story!!

That's the most beautiful thing i have ever seen someone do. Even after her los she still can be able to see him.

Such an amazing story. The circumstances are very sad for both men, but what a way to salvage something from one person's end to help another person regain their dignity and hope for a future they nearly didn't have.

It's truly ironic and yet fitting that one of these men (One of these suicide attempters would donate his face to the other man- the one whose suicide attempts was not successful. How life affirming!!

very touching story, i wander how many times in day Andy stare and looks at the mirror to observe his new face... A great way to start a new life.I am sure that this will put a lot of confidence to Andy.. this is your 2nd life.. make the most of it.. Enjoy man..

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hati yang tulus, memberi tanpa mengharap imbalan,,,

thanks for shareing frined @joseph


Thanks for stopping by to read @akramuddin

What a story! Fascinating and heartwarming! Thank you for this wonderful post! An upvoted and followed!

Amazing story

I was reading about this same beautiful story yesterday! :]

So heart warming. & What a fantastic result after the surgery!... usually, these type of procedures can look worse than before... but look how wonderful it turned out to be. Bitter Sweet. But the man has a new lease of life :] ...

Really marvelous, yet such a sad story all the same!

Humanity still exists. Love for all of them.


fuerte, en mi caso perdí dos dientes adelante y estoy traumatizado por no saber qué hacer


strong, in my case I lost two teeth ahead and I'm traumatized by not knowing what to do