Walgreens Announces They Will Now Be Stocking Narcan

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In an effort to battle drug overdose, Walgreens will be stocking Narcan to make it easier for family members and addicts themselves to obtain the opiate antidote.

There has been always been a major problem with drugs all over the United States and with each passing era, the drugs always seem to conquer before we even know it has taken over our streets and our loved ones.

Heroin, the drug that most users say puts you in a happy euphoric state but always leaves you wanting more and more. Of course everything comes with a price right ? Somewhere in Russia, a backyard chemist found a cheap way to max out his heroin production and those who bought his product started having their flesh eaten from the inside out. " Crocodile " is the proper name for the drug.

Over the past several years, Heroin has been a major problem for suburban areas in the Ohio, Michigan, and Penn State area. Parents nodding off at red lights with their children in the back seats. Men and women sprawled out on the park bench foaming from the mouth just another hit away from an actual overdose. It has stolen many souls from their loved ones.

I salute Walgreens for deciding to stock this product in their awareness of the drug epidemic. Walgreens Vice President stated the following in an article from 3wkyc.com

“By stocking Narcan in all our pharmacies, we are making it easier for families and caregivers to help their loved ones by having it on hand in case it is needed,” said Rick Gates, Walgreens group vice president of pharmacy. “As a pharmacy we are committed to making Narcan more accessible in the communities we serve.”


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I fail to see how this will help.

good post

BRAVO for Walgreens! I'm sure there will be naysayers that somehow look at this as a bad thing, but I bet the move will certainly save lives. I don't personally know any Heroin addicts (I don't think), but I may buy some just to have on hand. It would be a small price to pay if you could save someone's life someday.

The more access or freedom people have, the less people die making and selling the drugs, taking dirty cut drugs. Don't throw junkies in prison, rehabilitate them. Knowing the problems that exist and the scale of them can only help us to be prepared. Surely it makes more sense to dispense cleaner drugs, the stronger ones regulated, the weaker ones through registered dispensaries. It can be taxed...regulated...the possibilities are pretty positive compared to the state we're in globally now IMO.

If you tell someone not to drink, have sex or take drugs then perhaps they'll do it anyway and you won't know until they're in trouble.

On the other hand, if you offer support, guidance and an ear in troubled times, you're up to date and therefore perhaps you can act in time to prevent something major happening.

I mean this is comment sense right?

So instead of constantly "fighting" this war on drugs, which is failing, find a better solution. I mean if you walked face first into a wall for 46 fucking years (!!!! 1971 - Dick Nixon announces "The War on Drugs") and all you got was a bloody nose, don't you think it's time to try a new approach?

Of course that's just my 10 cents, feel free to call me crazy but right now, this shit is crazy! All credit to places like Walgreens (have no idea who they are, I'm from England) for being forward thinking and progressive...


Indeed the more you say No you can't the more the human mind in spite says watch me.

Finally. Now people will have another chance, and another, and another.

Thank you for your post.

Last year three people died in my building from drug overdoses. All of these lives lost were preventable tragedies. Its about time someone did something. Now.


Haha...Well now how are the EMT and Paramedics going to make their money? They can't sell Narcan out of the ambulance anymore. There is no need for druggies to buy it from them when they can just walk into Walgreens before they shoot up. Interesting read however.

That's great. Hope you don't need a script to get it! 🐓🐓

The important post.. :)
Good post. . 😊

good job

Now Narcan needs to come to South Africa. Of course, @rip-youtube, there will be naysayers. Some will say that a product like this will just encourage people to use drugs, because now there is a great "antidote". There might be some truth in that, but in fact, worldwide, drugs rule. It is becoming more and more difficult to tackle the root of the problem, so something to help "manage", is always a good thing.

Personally, I am grateful for a product such as this.

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This is great news as drug usage and addiction have been so prevalent and hard for everyone involved.

Actually glad to read this I worked in a correctional facility and had a very young kid die for a couple moments...If it wasn't for the inmates quick reactions sadly that kid wouldn't be here still... Now the facility has gotten a huge supply of narcan. Sadly the drug problem is growing.

Drugs like drugs are very dangerous for our lives, because we know that all the countries in the world really prohibit the existence of illegal drugs, because it will kill mankind. thanks for share @joseph, I Like it this post . 👍🏻

Nice post buddy

gotta love Walgreens.

gotta love Walgreens.

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As someone who worked with walgreens, i like them and their decision. Walgreens understands that they cant solve the drug problem in the United States, however they can do something for the people affected with these problems and offer that "just in case emergency/last resort" product to those certain people.

Hope no script is necessary! 🐓🐓

Drug usage is quite a challenge to handle, may take a while to overcome. Brilliant initiative

This is a great news for everyone

communities have to take good measures
good post

Does anyone know how much it will cost?