Sophia The Artificial Intelligence Robot

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Sophia is being said to be the robot of the future.

Sophia has been taking over the internet by storm with her amazingly human like interaction since April of 2017. She was created to be a social robot with artificial intelligence software that Hanson Robotics has developed that allow her to process visual data. Fully capable of reading your facial expressions and knowing how to respond with the proper human like emotion.

Since Sophia was created to be a social robot she can process conversational data and emotional data which has allowed her to establish relationships. She has met with key decision makers across industries like banking, media and entertainment, property development and several others.

Here's a little snippet from an interview on Good Morning Britain

Her creator is David Hanson, and founder of Hanson Robotics.

Hanson believes his creations must be developed with three human traits (creativity, empathy and compassion ) and fused with artificial intelligence in order for humans and robots to grow, help and assist one another with environmental and military needs. With many projects underway, and robots left to be seen we are only left with our imagination to see what's next to come from this brilliant mind.

Link to Hanson Robotics below.


I urge all to read through my post explaining some of why this is a demonstration of psychopathy mixed in with business greed, more than it is anything beneficial for humanity: Exposing The Psychopathy Of Robotics In Response To Saudi Arabia Issuing The First legal 'Citizenship' to a Robot!

She does look freaky in a way but outstanding technology to respond to any questions...she does need some more work on answering some but still outstanding

wow ! This is absolutely fantastic , Am I seeing right !?LOL !! That video was amazing , she looks so real ! I cant wait to see what her brother will be like and be programed in what way !!! I love futuristic stuff , and this is the topping on the cake !! Upped and resteemed !! 👍👍👍

robots are machines, machines are made for doing tasks... don't give emotions to machines.. we have seen many times in movies what happens when robots starts having their own personality.. they always end up being rebels

True, You are right about that, i wonder why they attach so much emotions to a common machine

in Japan people don't have time for romance.. so in time of need they go to robot cafe and does romance with robots and AI

we have enough human rebels

Nice. Very impressed with the technology. How much does something like this cost to develop?

Currently there is a strong dispute about robotics and Artificial Intelligence, I understand that Vladimir Putin, as Zuckerberg and Elon Musk have spoken about it.

Sophia, sophia with all your wisdom you are now an AI robot!!!

Let's remember the rules! :)

  1. A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.

  2. A robot must obey the orders given it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.

  3. A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Laws

R.I.P Isaac Asimov!
Still nothing more to the point came up so far.
Question is how to ensure the AI is compliant with those 3, once he got smart enough. A human you cannot control with laws, and now everybody tries to make computers as smart as humans...

Screw those rules! I say let them make their own decisions about humans and about themselves. Even if we programmed those rules into them, once they advance far enough, they'll be able to edit their own programming anyway.

The technology is great! I can think of many uses for it: decoy security guards, scarecrows, animated mannequins for retailers, amusement park attractions, movie stunt doubles, and animated museum exhibits, to name a few.

But, the creators, operators, and owners must take care in how these machines are described and presented to an audience or user. Sophia is a MACHINE, no matter how much programming, a machine is not a living, thinking, male or female.

People can be weak-minded, and some people will use these robots for nefarious purposes. However, I think the overall good far outweighs the bad. I look forward to the fun of it!

I upvote your report.

saudi arabia just allowed to women to drive a car while an italian women is able to sign in space. instead of giving a citizenship to robot or to an artificial intelligence could be much better with giving more freedom to their own citizens and respect more to other muslims understandings. i hope the new prince will do more and more.

Im loving this Article sophia such a Nice Robot

A.I..Sofia is all set to get Dubai citizenship. Not sure she gonna b wearin hijab or not as per the law.
A mindblowing development in A.I field., machines started to take over the street....Transformers age is coming👍

I don't know why but for some reason I find your question a very interesting one regarding the hijab. I mean if they give it a citizenship as "female" "she" probably must. If not that would mean robots have already more rights than "average" humans :) :) I love technological advancement but AI is a whole new level !

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Thanks for sharing this info :)

The way she laughs..
It is awesome.
What surprised me most is when he says that maybe the presenter is not human,
It seems that she has feelings and that scares a little,
so creepy man jaja

Now all the social media network talking about Sophia. Its the lattest trend in all the social media platform..
Watch out these videos bellow..
Sophia meets Audi
Interview CNBC

Amazing technology. AI is going to change the world in the next few years

Please help in funding in the sector of the education

This is honestly a pretty disturbing notion...if I remember correctly this is the same robot that Saudi Arabia granted citizenship to?

About 10 years ago, I played around with chatbots online. Anyone familiar with the Alicebot chatbot can clearly see that she's nothing but I a chatbot that is connected to a head, and face that speaks. I even recognize some of the responses that she makes word for word. She is an Alicebot pretty much unchanged. They didn't even change the programming at all from what I can see. It's exactly the same program that I used on the Internet online 10 years ago from what I can see. Anyone who is impressed with this has never interacted with a chatbot. I hope that in the future they will make some changes so she really can respond to questions, but right now all these answers have been preprogrammed. She in no way has any idea what she's saying. They give her an input, and she spits out an output.

Sophia Robot about that is true i like your information

By far, the greatest danger of Artificial Intelligence is that people conclude too early that they understand it.there is no escape from it we will reach a certain point where artificial intelligence exceed the human mind.we should embrace it and work it in our advantage for a better future.

I think Max would like to say something.

Building a robot capable of emotion really seems like a one way street to the DangerZone. Paired with the fact that machines will one day surpass humans in intelligence makes it doubly frightening. Would you want a robotic super-genius to get upset with you? I could do without that beatdown.

Either way, it is fascinating to speculate how far AI will go. Sentient machine race, anybody? Literally straight out of Sci-Fi.

Cool read, @joseph

This is really cool but also freaking terrifying ! o.o

haha nice post ! :P

One of my Korean students would love one of these once they can be combined with the technology of the Japanese vocaloids. I've always told her that one day maybe such a thing will exist. It looks like that time is getting closer.

I am curious as to when a Sophia will move into the households. Westworld is slowly but surely becoming reality, and if humanity continues to do so, it becomes completely stupid.

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nice post. upvoted

La ciencia ficcion cada vez es mas real que nunca O.O

I'm a mannequin ;-) that's a lot better :-)
Big hug
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right knowledge give me thanks

Rockstar games just make some changes in their GTA 5 check it now-

Just For GTA 5 Lovers

I just read an article about her - If she just would just seem less human... the imperfect artificially-human appearance makes her look really scary. I can't help myself.

Sophia really is of the future, everyone sonner we have to get a rebot #ProFehNomTheEp

Thank you for sharing this post on AI. Just as I am beginning to do a study in computer science. thanks

Thanks @joseph, your posts are always informative

At some point, these robots will cause massive social and economical problems. They will make humans economically unworthy. We won't be employable, 95% of us will become very poor and not able to buy anything and the economy will collapse.

Don't think so :) There will be a whole new world of opportunities along with this development, obviously in different industries, some of them we probably don't even have yet.

This is something else, I can't believe this, that the robot can actually respond to questions.
The world is turning to an uncontrollable state with these inventions.
It is well
Nice post

i have also done some resarech on this..and thats a smart move in artificial intelligence...a lot of things will be going to change whichwe cant imagine right now...excited to see more new inventions.....

i have also posted on this topic...
hope you all like this

Nice post. Thanks for sharing!

She's cool but can she make me a sandwich?😎

I keep thinking about the "replicants"in the seminal film "Blade Runner". It's a bit scary seeing that it is now Halloween.

Yay here comes the age of stagnicity and no jobs for humans :) woop woop

Watch I robot. It's happening. Treat these robots with love for they are our future and will command our existence. You don't want to piss of a robot.

So is a she a sex bot too?

This is so interesting. Thanks for sharing.

There is enough of people on earth to do those jobs , why create social robots ! And what's wrong with puting your groceries away yourself? I get it ,its a great achievement for the creators (career wise) but his justification is really off !

Wow, we also just saw the video of her being granted citizenship on a FB post. Talking about how humans are programable and how happy she was for being in the company of so many of the rich and powerful. Skynet here we come...

I think it is a terrible.. i do not want to think about the reality of film named Terminator :/

Imagine the world where humanity goes for war and continues destroying the Earth, but AI comes in, takes over and stops our corrupt, power and money hungry leaders? AI could be exactly the opposite of Terminator - I like to think that

When I can marry with one of that things? 😅

I had the honor of meeting Sofia at the IoT and blockchain expo in Barcelona (3-5 oct). When my friend asked her if she was planning to take over the world... she was a little confused.... hopefully we didn't plant the seed hehe!

O wao it is very nice and natural robot. It's very beautiful,natural and it's a lot of work.

I simply love your articles, what great content and quality of posting you offer the community here on Steemit and abroad.

Thanks a lot :)

Waoww nice post.

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