My son does not talk to me, what should I do?

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Surely your child is going through adolescence and communicates very little with you, either because he feels uncomfortable to tell you or just does not want to tell you, maybe you have already asked him one other things and maybe he has answered you unwillingly or simply changes the theme, are you in this situation then what should you do?

You must first think, because you do not want to communicate with you, some of the possible reasons are:

  • Maybe think that you will respond badly, because maybe they have analyzed your way of reacting to the moment they say something to you

  • They do not want you to divulge it to anyone else, maybe you think that when you tell them you can tell someone else and that will make them feel uncomfortable

  • They do not think they can solve it by talking to one of their parents, probably think that if you tell them maybe you scold them

So if you are in this situation you should do the following:

  • Spend more time with him: no doubt spend more time with your child will generate more confidence towards you and may communicate more often

  • Bring your support at all times

  • Help you when you need it most: without a doubt this will make you recognize that as a parent you should trust in you at all times

  • Do your best to make him feel comfortable with you

  • Pay attention when I talk to you

  • Talk about how you were in your day, maybe you are curious to know how it was in your day and maybe if you told, would also encourage you to tell you about yours

  • If it is something that bothers you, take it easy and leave the scolding for later you must first listen to your child

Try these tips to be able to communicate more with your child if you tried to tell me in the comments!

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