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RE: I Have A Little Secret To Share With Everyone!

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i had some days reading you and i would love if you saw my content, i will be all my life creating music and you can find a HUGE quantity of videos on my page like this (my favorite)

i post daily content and if you look at it you will find interesting daily stories, i try to had an interesting life wich consist on play in the street and get some free stuff like fastfood or stuff that people give me lol and also im seeking a way to earn a grammy, plus more things, so, your eye on this blog (mine's) will not dissapoint you, also i had 2000 ccc staked and i saw the true pithagorical potential of cryptos, we're on the right side of the story being pioners here.


Yeah dude. You did the right thing today, stepping up, showing yourself. I'm not fluent in Spanish but music is universal so I'll try to help when I can. That video was awesome. I can see you want to help build this place as well, which is also great. Cool!

i learn english here and seeing series, with time you can handle some other languajes, arts is the way to go, i show myself here because i saw you in the desire of see and as you said, im building here, also, i want to do be film director someday, so much things to create for this life, today i recorded an openmic with a new co-production, we don't had mics yet but a nice camera for sure, better than the phones im using right now, let me told you that the other day i saw a post of you giving some tips for creating content and surething i vibrate a lot with that, i think we had daily interestings lifes and we need to think how to tell what we feel with our senses, that's not art itself? when i start here on steemit i was very shy and i had a lot of fears that one by one are faced and well, even if music if my niche, im constantly reaching for new knowledge and good quality post about science, arts or religions, let me suggest you @julianhorack he has an incredible vibe. steemit has been a nice introspection vehicle mixed with good knowledge investings, a good trip.

right now im more connected with the frecuency 432Hz and im having a strong intention to heal trough music, this frecuency puts our chakras on tune, i will love to talk about it deeper sooner in a post, it's a fractal of the world that truly passionates me. .

I write these posts and I never think the words will actually help anyone. I just put it out there into the world. I'm glad people can sift through my chaos and find the good things.

When I first started, I wasn't really being myself. I was trying to fit in until I realized I needed to stand out. I wouldn't say I was shy. More like I was unsure of how much of who I am people could actually handle.

When it comes to what I produce, I try not to stray away too far from entertainment. I'll drop a few business bombs from time to time but I mostly like to create a place people can come and not have to take life too seriously.

i think we had the same stuff on the head, even when i saw your profile description i joke about it ""the writer/artist himself" oh, he's a dude like me."

that's why i understand your chaos, i had that chaos and for sure i had to put it on steemit seekin for awaken eyes.

yeah! i wasn't really being myself but more than that, that's why i said this was an introspection journey, i write a lot of my diaries but this year was a total new level of data.

I think it's hilarious to introduce myself as The Writer/Artist Himself. LOL!

you're my friend, in the same time you settled up as your description lel