John Frusciante Challenge: #2 - If you could spend one day in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber

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This article is part of the John Frusciante Challenge: 10 Articles in 10 Days. It is named after the legendary Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist, as he recorded 6 albums in 6 months during 2004.
If you think that this content doesn't make sense, probably you're right! I still hope you'll enjoy it though...

I bet that many of you have watched Dragon Ball Z at least once in life.
During the Androids Saga, a particular place makes an appearance: The Hyperbolic Time Chamber, also known as the Room of Spirit and Time.
For the laymen, this room is a fictional place seen in the Japanese anime Dragon Ball Z.
This place is a separate dimension from the Earth, with 10 times its gravity and a denser atmosphere let alone the higher temperature. It's an hellish environment, impossible for common humans, but essential for the super warriors of the anime to increase their strength when they are forced suddenly to face a cyborg too strong for them too.
The villain (called Cell) gives our heroes a few days to train before he starts to destroy the planet.
This is the main reason Goku and co decide to train in this special room. The amazing part of this parallel dimension is that 1 day on Earth equals to 1 year in the room.
This means that if you walk the door on Monday and you walk out of the room on Tuesday, you will have spent one year training, possibly on a specific skill.
So let's make it easier for us weak humans. Let's make the Hyperbolic Time Room accessible even if you are not a Super Saiyan warrior.
If the room had the same conditions of the Earth, all the amenities and the food supplies provided in the central building, which allow you not to work, what would you do over that bonus year?
If you could spend one day in the Room of Spirit and Time, what skill would you develop?

Personally, in this moment of my life, I would work on my singing skills as it's something I have already started on Earth.
First of all because singing makes me feel good. It's like meditation.
On top of that I have the hobby of composing music and I wanna become capable of recording and singing over my own material.
I'm sure that with a boost of one year dedicated to this practise, I could even step on the stage if I wish!
Remember that you will have all the time to dedicate to a specific skill. You may develop a skill you already have but you are not good enough at it yet.
Or you could decide to start learning something new from scratch.
Time is a lot. If you work on this skill 8 hours a day, for like 300 days (don't overlook resting time) you will accumulate 2400 hours of practise.
This amount is not enough to reach excellence, for which science says you need 10,000 hours, but it's more than enough to become very good at something.

So what skill would you pick? And why? I am curious to read it on the comments below!

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