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There is definitely a need for definitions before the rest can be...

Defining MARXISM~

According to Marx a class is defined by the relations of its members to the means of production. He proclaimed that history is the chronology of class struggles, wars, and uprisings. Marx believed that under Capitalism a worker was being taken advantage of the labor put forth while not receiving a proper compensation. This idea explains that a worker is alienated because he has no control over the labor or product which he produces. The capitalists sell the products produced by the workers at a proportional value as related to the labor involved. Surplus value is the difference between what the worker is paid and the price for which the product is sold.


Capitalism is an economic system in which capital goods are owned by private individuals or businesses. The production of goods and services is based on supply and demand in the market economy, rather than through central planning (planned economy or command economy).


While I heavily believe that Capitalism has a majority of what I personally believe to be correct...there are flaws. Questions like where did the money that you are investing derive? Who are your workers and how did you acquire them? Are your original goods sustainably acquired? These questions in my opinion will weigh heavily into the overall product that is being sold in the market. It seems these flaws are mainly brought about in the ways that different minds understand and implement policy. The true world experiment can never be what is written on paper unless we can better illustrate the ideas of freedom. My hope is that blockchain can serve as a proof mechanism. There are projects that I really like, and I would only welcome more creative ideas that can fix our current flaws.

My personal thoughts come about from many people saying that we need to go 'BACK' to another way of thought. I believe this is fundamentally wrong as it asks for a past that is glorified in a '20/20 hind sight' mentality. We need not to ask for something from the past..because we can not through the means of current governments come forward with something of value that is better without the voice of the proletariat.

Let us go forward...

When we define the 'unit' of labor, we are generally talking about an individual that gives time and effort that then leads to value. I would love to think that we can all agree that an individual is free to give as they would like....therefore, I propose that we are adding value where we can. A heavy question comes about right here at this moment. Are you a wage slave or are you only adding the value where you can to make ends meet? That is a great question because this is where most of our disagreement comes about. Beyond the utopian society where things are better, I would propose that where you agree to make a pay-check you are willing to add value to the world. It can be that simple. We could always suppose a more ideal world, but we have to add the value where we can add the value. If the ideal world is not yet available, then we have no where to go. I think we must be practical because it is necessary. But, beyond necessity we have an opportunity to be something of our own. There is great risk in this achievement....and that is the place at which we are able to offer even more value to the world.


We now live in a world that can be completely accountable because there are blockchain ecological systems. Morality can become a thing of the past if we'd like. A moral conundrum like sustainability can be explained and proven through the ledger system. Also, we don't need wage slaves or the equivalent because a proper wage can be expressed with percentages through time-shares. Time-shares can be explained as investments given by value added in proper context with blockchain systems. I believe that everything can be time-stamped in a business strategy keeping everyone honest....including the owner(s). Instead of justifying violence...maybe we can legitimize peace.

I want a better and freer my thoughts could be short-sighted and I would love to have your thoughts added to this conversation!

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