Streem On Steem ~ DLive Is Out...Welcome ~ Tune In Today And See A Live Streem Of The Filming Of The Season Finale Of Hots or Shots!

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Hello My Fellow Steemians!

So we've had quite a stir in the last 48hrs with the announcement from DLive.

I won't in this post,
be discussing my feelings on what those cum filled sweat socks did to our community.
Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and we will leave it at that.

However....we have a new contender!


Normally I would be releasing a new episode of Hots Or Shots today.
Yes, we have a new episode ready for you...episode 27...we will be releasing it here tomorrow.

Today however, we are filming the season finale of season 1.

For the first time ever we will be streeming this event!

At approx 3PM EST, those that tune in to my profile...
will not only be able to see in use,
but you will also get to see the season finale of Hots Or Shots in it's raw and unedited form.

I hope you all get the chance to tune in and help welcome @vimm to the community!



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This should be fun

download (3).jpg

as i said...wish you the best of luck are a good guy brother.

I love you Jonny-Clearwater and will always support YOU! You are good peeps and I hope you know I am in no way saying anything negative about you.

the 'fuck dtube too' 😂

Great to see this! I0m really interested in how that looks like so I'm gonna be joining your stream for sure!

Vimmy to the moon :D

Amen! Invested 500 SP with VIMM. Happy saturday.

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Now that Dlive is gone its all Dtube itself and

🤣🤣🤣 fuck everything!!!🤣🤣🤣
Interesting this I Will check It!🔝🔝🔝

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I personally don't want to fuck anything, but I am excited to see the season finale! Hope I make it there ^^

I like fucking things...prolly why I'm about to add our 5th child to the family.....lolz

And this is why we love you, Jonny ^^

great & impressive

Fabulous one!!!

Look forward to see in action and the finale. Thanks bro

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Finish HIM!

see you on the air.