Meet Your Fellow Steemians ~ Hots Or Shots ~ Episode 27 ~ Watch And Win Chibera Prizes!

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Good TimeZone Steemit!

Welcome back to a new episode of
Hots Or Shots

I want to say thank you to everyone that tuned in yesterday to our channel on
It was fun live streeming the filming of our season finale and it was a joy to have you with us.
For those that missed out, you'll get to see the edited version of the episode next week.

We've got another
Watch and Win
episode for you courtesy of

Leave a comment below regarding today's episode.
We will choose our favorite 3 to win:

~Level 1 Chiberian~

1 Early character name-snatch
1 Cute Permanent in-game Chibi minnow costume - 1 per account
A chance to win a: A Chibera PC with an Intel i7 CPU and a nVidia 1080 Ti liquid cooled custom RGB GPU with Razor gaming mouse and keyboard

@chibera also has a music contest that just started with some cool prizes to win there also.
You can find out the details of that contest here...

Now, on with the show!
I present to you fine citizens of Steem....

Hots or Shots
Episode 27

"Let's Get Sauced!"

Hope you enjoyed this week's episode!
As always, a huge thank you to all our viewers and supporters,
and a big shoutout to our sponsors

It's because of all of you we are able to continue making this content for the blockchain!

Well that's all for today.
See you next week with the season finale!

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Oooh did i feel bad the next day... next time im taking shots!

It could have been worse... it could have been Hots AND Shots lol
Well done though, @nathanedge - you made it look pretty easy 😃

Hey @jonny-clearwater,

Another great episode, @jonny-clearwater and team!
If I had to name this episode, I'd call it:

Pentecostal Obama


Tough to make only one comment, so I'm gonna give you a rundown of my favourite bits:

  • @nathanedge's new hobby... "shooting models?" "shooting people." - this is so Texan lmao
  • "Everyone should go to Cuba at least once in your lives." @nathanedge made compelling reasons to visit this place, made it sound great... then he went the complete opposite way and said "you should go to Amsterdam and see a live sex show" LOL
  • Dirty Dicks - 'nuff said
  • "You can't fix stupid." lol
  • The ENTIRE Yoga question/answer where @jonny-clearwater basically answered the question himself lolol That was funny shit, but in @nathanedge's defense, he was being subjected to some serious hot lingering sauce - mans was dying for a sec there lol

Hots_Or_Shots_Episode_27 (1).gif

Mad Dog 357... I think I'll have to look around for this one!


be right back watching video first!😂😂

About Penticostal "Speaking in Tongues"
Speaking in Tongues is a Spiritual gift of speaking,once people in Church doing some Speaking of Tongues that means someone is talking with the Spirit and every Speaking Tongues heard a person connected to another one who Speaking in Tongues translated those Spiritual Speaking in any kind of languages that anyone can know what the message spoken to the person who is talking with the spirit.

God is a Spirit and who ever worship Him must worship in Spirit and in truth.

what something you've thought you've hated,until you tried it and turn into awesome.

Well,i tried eating tomatoes but only green tomato it's good specialy if there is a something sour to it.

i would like to share mine,you know i realy hated to eat durian (Durio kutejensis fruits) for just only smell about this fruit it's smells so breeehhh.. but once i tasted it i say, "wow...this fruit is not bat it's really good" Just don't smell it for the first time..😂😂

Thank you and God Bless!

  ·  last year (edited)

Don’t eat green tomatoes they have lectins which are some evil plant proteins that are used as a defense mechanism to kill ppl or turn them in to leaky gut sickos. Not sure if I dreamt this though?

oh my God! really i mostly eat green tomatoes be on not good condition.

Oh Ya that’s weird man, I mostly eat just the skin n throw the rest away. Tasty treat it is.

me i just remove the seeds and eat them all the way..😂😂

Thats cool always love your show @jonny-clearwater , just been busy trying to finish our building on our country property to move soon. 😜

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Great chance for me, thannks for give me opportunity join this contest

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Honestly I think it’d be a great experience to go to Cuba maybe right after you’ve made a bit of money. It’d be a good way to learn how to budget your money and learn as you go. Although the prices are relatively inexpensive, I still think it’d be an interesting little ‘experiment’ to see how long you’d be able to live off of a certain amount of money. I’m also really interested to know what the sauces were on. For some reason one of them looked like sushi to me but then they looked like slices of steak. 😂😅 Great intro animation by the way!

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tell us exactly what your favorite moment of the interview was....