Hots Or Shots ~ Episode 22 ~ Win Cool Prizes From Chibera!!

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Good TimeZone Steemit

Welcome back to another episode of
Hots Or Shots!!

I'd like to introduce you all to one of our newest advertisers
is the first real MMORPG on the STEEM Blockchain!

This week they will be giving away some prizes to our viewers.
To enter, simply answer any 3 questions from this week's episode.
Leave your answers in the comments below.

3 random users will be selected to win a free
Chibera Perk Rank

The Perk Rank Giveaway consists of:

A Level 1 Chiberian
1 Early character name-snatch
1 Cute Permanent in-game Chibi minnow costume - 1 per account

Plus a chance to win:
A Chibera PC with an Intel i7 CPU and nVidia 1080 Ti liquid cooled custom RGB GPU
with Razor gaming mouse and keyboard

Having said all that...let's get on with the show.

Hots Or Shots
Episode 22

"Let's Get Sauced!"

Special thanks to
for contributing her music in this week's episode.
She's a new edition to our community and worth checking out!

As always, a huge thank you to all our viewers and supporters.

Big shout out to our sponsors

Please make sure to show some support to everyone that helps make this show possible!

Steem Monsters has an awesome game jam coming up
and we have an awesome art contest to go along with it.
You can find those details here...

Hope you enjoyed the show!
See you next week.

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Heya everyone, we're the Chibera Team.
We hope you enjoy the giveaway!

Some reads:


looks like an interesting project!


Well thanks.

I'll respond soon, I am going to run this on the huge tv here at the atlanta meetup for our after dinner entertainment. :)


saw pics of the looked gorgeous


it's a bit over the top, and that's totally okay :)



Chibera sounds cool!


Chibera is the bomb! just like Hots & Shots is!


i'll have to try it out :P

Can I suggest beer chasers for those who want them.

Just an idea/thought.

& if the end of "time" as we know it were to happen, it would probably be after Corky takes over all the countries of this world.


Haaahaa! Good point, @jackmiller. Good point.


If I could be prevented conviction I would speed everywhere...

I waste too much time on video games... and the end of time will be very cold and lonely.


@sircork chose shots, smart man!


Debatable. Ask anybody.

Great show once again @jonny-clearwater ! with @sircork Lol so funny! I actually work for Alpha Omega Security ! sorry I have to keep it short my battery is dying now! Lol! did I miss who won the 10 monster packs for episode 21 comments with @freedompoint and Matt Damon!? just got back from out of town, No worries I will check back later to see who won! Good night ! upped and resteemed!💕✌👍

Thanks for using my instrumental @jonny-clearwater! The music video for 'All The Boys' is coming out soon!


Looking forward to it.
Can't wait for people to hear the whole song.

haha another great one! I love the spot where you choose to do a show!

Have a great day man!

A Chibera PC with an Intel i7 CPU and nVidia 1080 Ti liquid cooled custom RGB GPU
with Razor gaming mouse and keyboard?
What? Are you kidding me?😇😇😇😇🤔 hell to the yeah htty😁
49 minutes is worth watching but way too long


"Shots" episodes usually run long...i mean we get pretty


kinda lit. I mean, I was cool but the host, well, he tried to keep up. Let's just say, I'm the one who got a date with the only tree in the yard afterward, so there' that.... ;)

Wow. I was a total mess. eeek.


Yeah, but you were funny as hell. LOL!


Am I ever anything else? Some h8rs just don't have the chops to keep up :D

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project looks interesting great job

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fantastic opportunity, it seems great

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Ofcourse ,I would prefer shots,
For this chill winter..😚😋😋🤣
Thank you @ jonny-clearwater..!..

looks great

In one word :Osum :-)

I want to underline here that first MMORPG on Steem was @steempunknet ( It is running for 10+ months right now!


That's why the ad says first real MMORPG on Blockchain. That being said since it's a real-time open world MMORPG that will be supported by Pc, Mac, Linux, PlayStation, Xbox and more.

The game will have VR, up to 8k graphics and a massive open world, with ownable land and is in true definition what a real-time MMORPG game is.

Also, the users make real live profit when they want their profit. Real-time marketplace no weekly profit marketing scheme sharing because its tracked by a real auction house and items can be sold at any time. It will also have in-game posting to allow people to post video and images of gameplay

Some reads:


Waiting for it!

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