Hots Or Shots Episode 16 With @katrina-ariel Win 10 Packs Of Steem Monsters!

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Good TimeZone Steemit!

I'ts time for another episode of
Hots Or Shots

This episode marks the beginning of the Tennessee trip.
We have some great guests coming over the next few weeks!

I literally just arrived in Texas, where we are not only hosting a huge pool party steemit meetup...
but also filming six more episodes.

It was a 16hr drive so I'm already a few minutes late getting this up and I still need to post it on DLive also...
So let's get right to it!

Hots Or Shots
Episode 16

Let's Get Sauced!

I'll be giving away 10 packs of Steem Monsters to my favorite comment that's relevant to the episode!

As always, thanks to all of our supporters.
Your upvotes and resteems mean so much to us.
A huge shout out to our sponsors

Have A Great Weekend Everyone!

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But what happens when a dragonfly sews the eyes of an artichoke animal shut?

Also, I bought three Steem Monster packs while watching the show. I didn't even think about it. The marketing is working.

As for changing something in history... Taking shots right after a multi-day cleansing fast is a really, really dumb idea. Probably right up there with eating something called Death Nectar, but a little worse.

The only way I'm going through a portal is if I have a portal gun.


Yeah, I wouldn't trade you for the shots after a cleanse, Luke. Glad you recovered. Your show should be fun to watch, though! I'm looking forward to it.

Where do I get a portal gun?


Bro! @disregardfiat almost has Portals (their boxes) in !

This is all Steemconnect integrated, and @disregardfiat has been developoing this software its sooo cool im learning how to create new projects etc (its like html! )

Well here in these blue boxes, if you walk into them it portals you to the other! really cool stuff, we are VERY close to having round portals, guns, and our very own mini games, even giant chess, 3d blackjack poker, lambo land racing, where you can get paid if u win with an upvote, or over on another posts of Jonny's i told him that i had an idea for his scanavnger hunts he already does, and he can do one in This VR world and make good money doing them, if for example, 20 people are invited and pay 1 steem each to go hunt for 10 different 1 steem tokens, or 15 people for 10 tokens, so that you end up making more than you give out, and why would peopel pay you risk loosing 1 steem? Well the fun of the game will be the reason why it will be so fun to play! Honestly the odds will be that if you play multiple games you will probobly break even! , and we will have 0.25 and 0.5 and 0.1 steem codes scattered around and if you find teh code, and leave a commment FIRST with teh code, then you end up getting the steem! so many ideas man

That Portal screenshot just REALLy made me think!


Wow, interesting. I didn't know anyone was doing stuff with VR connected to STEEM yet.

Aaaaaah I wish I was closer to you guys, I'd love to eat some hot stuff with you and talk about the universe one day...:-))
Did you know my dad's got a hot pepper seeds production and supply? Haha, no kidding! So I'd be well prepared :-P

Happy weekend!

@jonny-clearwater Wow, you have done a very good analysis, thank you a lot, we can all hope you have something better than ever,

I want to try the rogue hot sauce!!

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Awesome, As Always!

Your post is very nice and great post thanks for sharing this post boss @jonny-clearwater

I am best up₩ovter

Just getting into Steemmonsters myself. I hope to see more interactions going forward. Not much to do with them for now. Thanks for holding such contest. Seems to be the trendy project right now...

I love that you guys brought up the taboo subject of "Religion". This sparked a great discussion on the roots of why it [should] even exists.

Portals? My kinda convo ;-)

Beautiful <3

Oh man, the Death Nectar. lol! Don't know how you do it, but I sure had fun on your show. That Tennessee meetup was fan-freaking-tastic! I'm looking forward to watching the other episodes you shot there. I believe @lukestokes will be coming up next... That should be an epic one. ;-)

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yes you are right always thanks to supporter and upvote them

Wow sir great episode hots or shots and also katrina-ariel