The Last Run

in #life4 years ago

Since this is my competition as a college student and with our 2nd place win last year at the dance competition, our group was so eager to comeback even stronger. We were so focused in winning that we had forgotten the true meaning of dancing, what dancing truly represents and that is self expression. But at the end of the day we realized that in dance competitions its not about winning 1st place or getting the biggest trophy. Its all about leaving a mark at the audience and give them something they did not see before.

Even though we felt short for what we aimed for, we still placed 3rd out of 12 contestants. and what really made this special was the competition was really close with the top 3 contestants having only small differences in points.

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Congrats😊 keep it up

Wow. congrats 😊

thank you teh :)

Good job! Keep it up!

thank you ate :)

Uraaauyt! Nice one

thank you kuya..

Congrats kapatid!

thank you sir :)..

Nice Jonathan! Aja!

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