The Brother I never had

in #life4 years ago

"The first time we met, was like any other day

seeing an unfamiliar face across the hallway.

we greeted each other with a smile, 

then exchanged names like a gentleman's style.

right then and there everything fell Into place,

making memories that we could not erase.

I found the brother I never had,

you filled In the blanks In my paper pad. "

"We both had dreams from the start,

telling each others ambition by heart.

giving each other some good advice,

that some day hoping It would suffice.

by helping each other to reach,

my dreams to travel and yours to teach.

Thank you Sir for being a friend,

a Brother, a Family to the very end."

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Ang taray ng poem! 😊 Galing naman. 👏👏👏

Nice peom bro..

Very nice poem bro.

Nice. Isa kang henyo! 😁

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